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Review of Time Breaking by Barbara Spencer

Fifteen-year-old Molly is gauche and awkwardly tall, a great disappointment to her parents who only have time for their careers. Constantly at loggerheads because Molly is determined to become a swimmer, the family go to stay in a 17th century manor house now used as a religious retreat. Inadvertently, Molly triggers a time-chute and reappears in 1648, at the end of the Civil War, to find she has taken the place of Molly Hampton, the eldest daughter in a Puritan family. After suffering a beating, an entire morning spent in chapel, a smelly privy, a muddy farmyard, and cold water to wash in, Molly labels the seventeenth century "barbaric" and is hell-bent on escaping back to her own life. But the manor house belongs to Sir Richard Blaisdale, a Royalist family, and is barred to her. Forced to continue with the charade, Molly meets Richard, supposedly her best friend, only to find herself falling in love with him. Gradually, Molly begins to change her mind believing that she can stay and take Molly Hampton's place, little realising that danger and disaster lie in wait for her.

My Thoughts
After reading Running by Barbara Spencer and the fact that I have met her, and she spoke of this book, I just wanted to read it. My sister bought this and brought it back home and I stared at it thinking, I will read it next. Though because I had my kindle and another book I really wanted to read I kept putting this book down when I went to read it. The cover is very intriguing and explains the title in more depth.

Why the hell did I keep putting this book down every time I started reading, I mean yes I had other books to read and I was totally addicted to my kindle but oh my god. WHY!?.
As you can tell by the sentence above I regretted putting the book down, I should of read it straight away because this book blew me away. I have to admit this is the best book I have read this year so far.
The style of writing is easy to follow and easy to read, the story line is amazing and I loved how the author  put emotion and reality into it. Barbara must of read up on history and wars to be able to do the past. The emotion in this book made me feel the emotions that Molly was feeling throughout the whole experience of being sent into the past. I love how she coped throughout the whole time, and how she made no-one notice the difference. Throughout the whole I knew what was going on and I knew what everything was happening, there was only one thing I didn't know and that kept me alert throughout the whole book. When I got to the end I just wanted more, I was very pleased with the whole thing.

On to the characters; Molly is the main character and she is having trouble with her mum and dad so when she gets sent to the past, she sees it as a mystery but wants to go back home. As the book goes on she gets more attached with the past and feels she can have a better life there. But as the story goes on and she reveals other things, well sometimes you can't chose the future. I love Molly so much and I like how she dealt with being sent into the past and not knowing where she was and why she was there.
Richard is Molly Hampton's best friend so when Molly from the future meets him she starts falling for him. Richard is a kind hearted character and I loved how he cared about both Molly's even if he did or didn't know the difference.
There is also Molly Hampton's mother who is kind and I feel sorry for him being married to her husband, who doesn't know when to stop being so overprotective and hurtful towards Molly (both Molly's). I know he is only trying to protect his daughter but Molly Hampton's mother feels its to much but tries to get Molly to stay away from Richard.
I loved the other children in the book, they are so innocent and I like how they grow as a family more with Future Molly.

My overall opinion of this book is I loved this so much, I love how each and every character is portrayed and I liked how it was an easy read. Barbara Spence is such a good person as I have met her, she writes amazingly and I feel she deserves more people to read her books.
Running was her first book I think and I loved it so much :)
I recommend this book to people who have read Running or Like a good book with an interesting storyline. :)



  1. I LOVE this cover! Thanks for the review. :)



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