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Review of Aladdin's Samovar by Lauren Sweet

Aladdin's Samovar
A nice, normal, boring life—that’s all Amber Polaski ever wanted. One where she’s not unchaining her flaky New Age mom from endangered trees, bailing her out of jail, or getting dragged to naked pagan rituals. But when Amber finds a sexy genie in her antique brass samovar, any hope of normal goes up in smoke. 

It’s just one tiny little wish—to find her long-lost father. What could go wrong? 

Plenty. Dad shows up, all right—with a computer drive full of stolen data and angry mobsters hot on his trail. Now Amber has Fugitive Dad holed up in her Manville, NJ duplex, fending off the Mafia on one side and the FBI on the other. And she has Jasper the genie lounging in her blue plush recliner, conjuring chocolate chip cookies and passing himself off as her boyfriend. While Jasper is trying to tempt Amber with more disastrous wishes—and his seriously hot thousand-year-old body—Amber and her mom are forced to fight off Mafia assassins with nothing but chutzpah and household appliances. 

It’s time for Amber to call in the B-team: Iggy the homeless dwarf, Tim the ecoterrorist, and Wanda the Fairy Dogmother with her pack of Happy Puppies. Together, they need to save Dad before the Mob makes him disappear again—permanently

My Thoughts
I got this for free because the Author contacted me asking for me to read it and then review it. Before I accept I always read the description because if it doesn't sound like something I wont enjoy why both reading it. So I read the description and I was like yes it sounds great. The cover is very different to any I have seen and it seems funny and interesting. If I saw it in a shop I definitely would of been drawn to it.

I actually really liked this very much, it had mostly everything I wanted and it got me reading it whenever I was bored or just felt down. This made me laugh at times and smiled at time, the emotion in this book is just greatly put out, I felt Ambers emotion throughout the whole book and I just loved it. The storyline is something I have never heard of in my life, it was amazing and the ideas in this book is great. There wasn't just humour in this book, it also had some action in it which was very well written. This whole book was very well written and I just loved how it kept pulling me in to read it. It was that good that I was reading this while watching TV and I mostly focused on the book. The POV is focused around Amber who is the main character of the book.

On to the characters...
Amber is the main character and she plays a great part in this book. I feel everything she does in this book is well thought and I feel she does it because she wants to, not because she was told. How she deals with some situations is great and I would love to be as brave as she is. I really liked her, and I feel if she were a real person and I knew her, we would probably get on well and be friends.
Jasper is the genie in witch I would say changed everything for amber, she makes 1 wish and its only because she has to for jasper to go away. But that one wish changes everything and to help her she need to get him back. Jasper is so funny and I think through the whole book I just wanted to pull him out of the book and hug him or something. If I could wish for something from him, it would be for him to stay and make me laugh everyday.
Her Mother is so crazy and weird but I really did like her, she is different to any mother I have read about in any other books. She does what she wants to, she believes in what she wants to say and in the end I just love her to bits.
Her Dad, well I didn't really like him. He brought all of this disaster, he lies and to me he just annoyed me. I am glad that he cared for her and everything but if he just listened to his daughter than half of the disaster that happened wouldn't of happened. He did make the book more interesting so I am glad he was who he was.
There is other characters but I didn't think there was much to say about them.  The people who were part of the Mafia was evil, but then sometimes really funny. I really enjoyed all of the characters for different reasons.

My overall opinion of this book is I loved it so much and I want to thank the author for letting me read and review this book.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good laugh and who would try any kind of book.



  1. This sounds really good! I think I'm gonna get it!! I came from the FF hop! I tried to comment on that post but I could not. Maybe I was doing something wrong but also maybe too much got copied from the site that is hosting the hop(?). You know what I mean? Like the linky list...maybe we don't copy that. I could be wrong. I am new at this. You can look on one of the other sites and see how they do it. Anyway I like your blog so I am going to follow!


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