Monday, 6 February 2012

Review of Lolly Luck by Ellie Daines

Lolly Luck
Lolly is Lolly Luck by name, lucky by nature. She always wins magazine competitions, on scratch cards and any game you can think of. But when Lolly's dad loses his job and then the family home, Lolly's luck starts to change. And when she overhears her parents arguing, she learns a secret that will change her life forever.

My Thoughts 
As this is a children's book i had two thoughts, the first though was a negative one, is it going to be to simple.. boring and just not good, Or is it going to be amazing, and a great short book. The cover is simple and easy to understand and the title makes me just think.. Hmm this could be good. The description also makes me think that this could go amazingly well.

After I read half the book I put it down and went, "wow this is actually really good". I never though someone would be able to write a children's book as this one and the way it could be realistic, things like this happens in real life, so some people could relate or at least relate to some of it. The storyline is something simple but amazing. I loved how it was told from a 11 year old girl which very interesting, seeing and feeling what young people feel which kinda brought me back to when I was that age (Only 6 years ago :P ).  This is so easy to understand and to read so its a very short and interesting read. I don't think i have anything to criticize about this book apart from I would of loved it to be longer.

There is many character's but I'm only going to talk about the main ones.
Lolly Luck is the main character, she is a 11 year old girl who has an amazing life, with her sister and parents until her good luck starts to change and things start going terribly wrong with her family. The way she tells the story is amazing. Also the way she deals with throughout the whole story is so realistic and believable you just felt sorry for her. I like her very much because she is not afraid of showing what she feels and all she wants is the family to be happy and for her to have a good life.
Her Mum is trying so hard to make sure the family stays together, but when she reveals something to Lolly's dad, she and her sister overhear. I liked the mum because she stuck by them and tried to earn as much money for them as possible, I felt sorry for her when she was trying to get Lolly's dad to listen.
Her dad is the reason everything starts falling apart as he loses his job, and he doesn't try to stay focused on his kids instead starts spending all of his time applying for jobs. I didn't like him to start with but as the story went on I kind of understood him.
There is a few other characters but because this book was so short I feel the others don't pay as much part in the book. I loved how all the characters had a part in the book though and I am happy that I enjoyed reading about each and everyone of them. All characters were portrayed in a good and understanding way.

My overall opinion of this book is that I loved it very much. It is the best children's book I have read in ages and I feel the author can go a very far way.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves children's book and wants an easy read.


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