Review & Rating System

When I review I will have an image at the right side.. and on the left side it will be the Description either from the back of the book or from GoodReads :)

After that, I will have My Thoughts, underneath it.
The first paragraph is my Pre-Read Thoughts, basically was I thought before I read it.
The second paragraph is what I though of the book after I read it (I try not to spoil anything so I rant on what I liked about).
The third paragraph is about the characters in the book and what I though of them.
The last paragraph is basically my Overall Opinion of the book plus I may add who I recommend it to.
The last thing I do is add my name or the name of a guest blogger, and then add the stars which are shown underneath.

- 1 STAR : I didn't like it at all, I just say finished it or not at all.

- 2 STARS: I only just say managed not to put it down.. it was boring.

- 3 STARS: I enjoyed it.. just not as much as I wanted to, It lacked something.

- 4 STARS: I loved this book.. It was nearly perfect :D

- 5 STARS: WOW.. it was amazing :D I want more :)

These are what I think, not what you may think!!
Other people have their own opinions. 
If you need to discuss this with me then please feel free! email me, fb me, goodread me!!



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