Monday, 6 February 2012

The Cover Wars: Angus, thongs and full- frontal snogging

Rea of Rea's Reading and Reviews and I decided to get together to do a weekly meme where we would compare covers of the UK editions of books with those of the US editions.
The aim of this is to just have a bit of fun. We put ourselves in the position where we see both of these books side by side in the bookstore. Which would we choose? Why that one and not the other?

This week, we will be comparing the UK and US covers of Angus, thongs and full- frontal snogging by Louise Rennison because I have heard very good things about this book, and I have always wanted to read this.

Note: These books have been published multiple times. We have picked the current UK edition and what we believe to be the current US edition.

The First book is the US version and the Second one is the UK version. 

Tara says: I hadn't even seen the US version before, so when I saw it I was immediately hit by how different it is. The cover of the US version seems more grown up and I don't like that shade of green with the cat and the girl. The UK version looks more simple and, to my mind, it shows more of what the book is about. I love the colours they use on the cover. This is the cover I see in the shops every time I go into a bookstore. I will be going with the UK version.

Rea says: For me, there is absolutely no contest. The UK cover wins hands down. It's in-your-face, it's bright, it's fun, it's girly. Plus, that caption? "You'll laugh your knickers off"? That really draws me in. It tells me that I'm going to be reading a book that'll have me laughing so much I'm crying. The US cover doesn't inspire much emotion in me at all. UK all the way!


Week 3:     US: 1    UK: 1    Draw: 1


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