BCD 1&2 (short story1)

251383 Book1 : Behind Closed doors, by Tara-Jayne Bell

I was an ordinary girl until i saw him staring at me from across the classroom!
I never noticed that someone was watching me, since i was born!
I am 16 years old and my name is Zoe and this is when my life turns all around because of this one boy and one man!!
Chapter1: Prologue
I see her coming out of the house..
I see her walking to the bus stop...
I see her getting on the bus, too school...
I start the car engine, and follow the bus...
I see her walk into school with her friends...
Tara is one of them, or is she...
I drive away until 3pm when I arrive back to see her walk home, she always walks home after school, she either listens to her iPod or she talks to her mates...
I see her look up to the sky, because I know she believes in angels, no-one else does...
I see her walking into her house...
I do this most days, not all days though, not the days when Tara comes to her house...
I do this because she is special, she has gifts which she has not yet discovered...
And she is mine...

I am a DEMON!! And I always get what I want!!

Chapter2: Seeing him
As I woke up, I ran down stairs, ate my breakfast which my mum always cooks, mmmm nice pancakes, after my breakfast I ran back upstairs and got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and grabbed what I needed for school today.
"Bye mum" I shouted as I was heading out of the door.
"Bye honey" my mum replied really loud knowing I was about to slam the door.
I ran to the bus stop to get on my bus to school, when I arrived at school, I walked over to my friends, who are; Abbi, Tara, Kendal and some other girls but I don't really talk to them much, they just hang with us 4.
"Hey Zoe" spoke all of them at once with they do every morning.
"Hey girls, what lessons do you have first? it better not be maths, because I get bored in maths, it is too easy!" I asked them all.
"You’re with me first, history with Mrs. Carr" replied Abbi.
"Oh, right, her, she can be such a good teacher at times, but then the other times she can be such a..." I stopped mid sentenced when I noticed a boy walking up the steps to the school, which I don't recognise, he has brown hair, he is tall and he is soo fit.
"So I guess you see the new boy, Zane" says Tara, my best friend, breaking my gaze with Zane.
"Yeah,yeah, omg, he is soo fit, when did he get here?" I replied in such a girly voice which I only use when, well I see someone as good as him.
"Well Zoe I just said he is new today, so I could say today" Tara replied in a sarcastic tone.
(Bell rings, 1st lesson starts in 2 mins)
"bye everyone" shouts Abbi as she drags me to history.

We walked into history, only to find the new boy sitting at the back on his own, I really feel something as I walk to sit in my usual seat with Abbi, and I think it is because of Zane.
When Mrs. Carr arrived, she had to spoil everything by speaking in such a smooth but harsh tone "I have a seating plan because of your loud noise last term".
"That’s it, I hate Mrs Carr" which I whispered in Abbi's ear.
"Anything you would like to say to the class Zoe" asked my teacher, oh looks like I can’t whisper to save my life.
" no, miss, I was just saying how it may improve our learning" and that was how you get out of trouble agreeing/lying about a certain thing which the teacher would not be expecting to hear.
She gave out the seating plans to everybody, and everyone started to move, I always wait with things like this until I am the only one left, and I really wish I never this time, because I am sitting next to...... Zane.

"Hey Zoe, I saw you looking at me when I arrived at the school, what was that for" spoke Zane in a dreamy and gentle voice. As I was thinking of a reply, Abbi spoke really loud and said what I was hoping she never would "she thinks your fit", then everyone in the class laughed, and even the teacher smiled, omg, I think I am going bright red, then I notice Zane looking at me and then he said in cool voice, "wow, well if you want, do you want a date?", was he being serious.
"Em, yeah, well if that’s what you want" I replied so quite.

Chapter3: My date/or not
I actually can't believe I am waiting for Zane outside the cinema, when he asked me out I thought he was joking but it looks like he was not, unless he does not turn up, oh no I am going to be a laughing stock if he does not turn up, because I can't lie to save my life.
"Hey Zoe" spoke Zane, I jumped out of my shoes and turned around to see him with a bunch of roses.
"You scared me, but hey, and are they for me" pointing to the roses.
"Yes, yes they are, do you like them?" asked Zane.
I replied so softly "of course I do, we better hurry up, we are going to miss the showing".
"Yeah about that, we are not going to see a movie, I need to tell you something in private and I thought asking you on a date would be the best way to well tell you, please don't leave now you know I lied to you" Zane spoke with honesty and I could not refuse.
"Well where do you want to go, to tell me something in private" I said to him so he knew I was not going to leave.
"My place" replied Zane, omg he has a place of his own.
"You live on your own" I asked.
He answered the answer I already knew "yeah, a flat, I am kind of rich, but I don't like to brag about it".
So off we went to his place, and I had a prickly feeling inside me when he held my hand as we walked.

When I was sitting on his sofa drinking coke which he offered me, he sat next to me, actually he was nearly sitting on top of me, but for some reason I feel safe near him so I left that be.
"what I am going to say is going to come as a shock to you which is why I wanted you to be here, and you may not believe me, but it is the truth, and you have to believe me for your own safety" said Zane in a very protective voice. I was getting very worried now, I really wanted to know what he was going to say, so I braced myself for what was going to come, but I never expected this.
" something has been watching you since you were born, and I am here to protect you and that someone who has been watching you is a Demon and I am a Angel... you look like you are going to laugh?" said and asked Zane, but he was right, so I laughed so loud anyone in the world could hear it.
“you are kidding me right, they don't exist well not ment to" I replied and I also said something I think he was expecting me to say "prove it, prove that you are an angel and that I am been stalked by a Demon".
“of course, come with me on my balcony" he replied so sweetly.

I can't believe I am seeing what I am seeing right now, Zane is shining brightly than the sun and there is wings coming from his back which are white and feathery, I just want to feel it, and I can see his halo hovering on top of his head.
"you were telling the truth, oh my god  you are an angel and now I see this I believe there is the other half, demons, and ..." I was interrupted when he suddenly slammed into me and told me to "shut up, someone is watching us, a demon".
Minutes past as he was on top of me but finally he stood up and said "yes the demon I just noticed watching me is the one which has been watching you since you were born, you are special in so many ways and you don't even see that".
“I am not special, I am just a girl and before today no demons or angels were in my life, I can't believe it, I just..(Taking time to think of what to say).. Well I believe it but I didn't want it to be true, and how am I special then?" I asked to Zane.
“Only the demons know that, and I have a feeling they never want us to know" replied Zane.
Chapter4: Bigger than what I thought
well I didn't think that would happen at a date, well now I know angels and demons exist and I am special(somehow) and I have been watched by a demon my whole life and oh yeah I have actually seen an angel.
As I take in the scene of my normal bedroom I started to look out of my window to see if I see someone, anyone, but I don't at least I can have some normally in my life because my best friend Tara is coming over for tea.
"Zoe!!!" shouted my mum from down stairs.
"What" I shouted back.
"Tara is here, she’s coming upstairs" she once again shouted.
Yes finally Tara is here, do I tell her? Or do I keep a secret, well like she would believe me. The door opened and I suddenly realised I still had one of Zane’s feathers in my hand; I quickly put it in my school bag.
"Hey, Tara how are you?" I asked Tara.
"Hey I am fine but I think seen as you know the truth I think I may tell you more of it" she responded, I didn't like what she was getting to, I am sure she knows about the angels and that....
"yes I do know, alot actually seen as I am part of it and always was, I am the reason why you never realised until that stupid angel boy turned up and ruined it..
"what are you getting at, a demon has been stalking me and you are...oh my god , you are on the demon side aren't you, my best friend has betrayed me...
"ha, best friend, I don't think so, more like a personal demon next to you at all time, yes don't look so surprised I am a demon and I have never been your friend, you and I are going to see alot of each other but right now I must dash need to meet a certain demon, oh and by the way if you are ever alone outside, watch your back you never know what’s behind you.
And she just ran out of the room and out the house my mum was shouting something but I ignored her and just stayed still and quite, frozen from everything which has happened in just a short space of time.
I grabbed my phone and rang Zane’s number I have to tell him everything; he can help because he is an angel.
(Waiting for phone to be answered)
"hey, Zoe" said Zane
"erm, hey could you like come to my house, I need to walk with you for a moment it’s a/bout, you know what" I responded.
"Of course, are you ok?"
"no no no, please hurry" I screamed down the phone, then I hung up.
I am glad mum has work because she would of not let me scream that loud and get away with it, but right now she knows nothing about me, and really neither do I.
(30mins later)

I ran downstairs and opened the door......... not who I thought it would be then , [thump] over my head.

Chapter4: It really is Bigger than she thought
I hate waiting. Hurry up Tara, hurry up, I need to know if Zoe knows the truth, well at least most of it.
"Hey, Greg" spoke Tara from behind me.
"Hey, sooo, did you tell her?" I asked her.
"Of course, she nearly fainted, I felt like laughing but i changed my mind, and i just legged it out of there" said Tara
"good, good".
"What do you want me to do now?" asked Tara.
She is a very good girl to me, but i really don't like her, when i am done with her, i will kill her and then she won't want to laugh, but i have to stick with the plan, Zoe Zoe Zoe.
"Nothing, go home, please" i responded.
"Oh, ok, i could help, but I’ll go home, cya" replied Tara
"bye, I’ll call you if i need you" i shouted as i saw her run back home.
Now she’s gone, i can get on with what i wanted to do from the start which is going around Zoe's and we will get her.

As i stood outside Zoe's house i got a crazy feeling that someone was there but i knew she was alone i could feel it.
I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer, i had a bat in my other hand, she opened the door, and her face was a picture, and then i wacked her over the head.

She is tied on the chair, gagged..
I am smiling; just that...
i am waiting for her to wake up...
Tara walks in, TARA WALKS IN...

"What the hell are you doing here!!!" i shouted.
"Sorry, i thought i would check on you, and you never told me you were, in away kidnapping her" she replied.
"That’s because i didn't want you to know or be here, i said i would call when i need you so please GO!!" i shouted once more.
"Fine, but don't call, me I’m out of this, I’m going to kill someone, i haven’t in a while because you told me not to" she shouted back at me, and then she stormed out of this place, this basement.

"Is she awake yet, emmie, is she awake?" i asked my loyal friend.
"She’s opening her eyes" she whispered.
"Good, finally i get to talk to her" i whispered back.

Chapter 6: Finding Zoe
 As I got to Zoe's house I felt a weird feeling, I don’t know what but all I know is that’s something is up.
Before I go and knock on the house I call a friend, just in case the worst has come, finally Shan arrived, she is such a beautiful angel.
"Hey, Zane, what’s wrong?" she asked caring as ever.
"I think something has happened to Zoe, and I am scared to open this door alone, please help me?" I ask her, knowing she will say yes.
"Of course , and I know she is not here, I feel no-one in this house" she said, and then I suddenly ran into the house and searched top to bottom twice over, feeling the urge to break everything, but it is not my house , its Zoe's and her mother will be home soon.
"We will find her" insisted Shan.
"But we are up against demons, and Greg, he is so strong, he knows me, we have history, how are we meant to find her!" I shouted angrily, wishing I never, it’s not Shans fault.
"What, Greg as in the guy my, my sister Emmie is working with, this is getting personal now, we are going to find Zoe, kill Greg, and I am having words with my demon sister Emmie" she responded, I never knew her sister was in it, or I would not of sent for Shan.
"Ok, where do we look first?" I responded.
"Dark places, secret places and also my sister’s house" Shan said.
"Ok, let’s go" I said.
Please let her not be hurt.

"Not here" I said to Shan for the 100th time, when am I going to find her, I just want to find her, and whisk her off to safety.
"Zane, is that blood?" she asked me pointing to the corner of the dark basement form an empty house.
"Yes, it smells like it, and it seems it is fresh, there is allot, which means..." I started to say something else when I noticed a figure standing there in front of Shan with a gun.
"Zane if you want your Zoe back you better come with me" spoke a girl’s voice.
"Who are you?" I responded
"Tara, and I bet now you know who I am" Tara said.
I do know her, she is supposed to be Zoe's friend, but I don't think she is human, that I do know.
"You’re a demon, all this time you have been friends with Zoe, and you’re a liar" I shouted at her.
"I want you to find her and save her, so I can be told to capture her again, and may actually get noticed by Greg, he uses me and I am sick of it, sick and tired of it, just come with me, trust me" she actually sounded honestly when she told me to trust her.
I don't know what to do, what if she Leeds me into a trap, and I am alone and I will never find her, and Zoe will, I don't even want to think about that.
"Only if Shan comes as well?" I asked.
"Fine, more the better" she responded with a smile playing on her face, I know she killed someone; the blood was from a person, an innocent person.

"She is in that room" Tara said pointing to a metal door.
"Please let me go peacefully, kill me when I have did harm, to your perfect Zoe" she asked.
"Go and please don't touch her, or else you are dead, do you hear me dead" I whispered, just in case Greg could hear me.
"Thank you, see you soon Zane" she whispered back in my ear and then she toke off.
I was about to say, well at least Zoe is safe now, but then myself and Shan heard a scream from inside the room.

The scream, came from..... Zoe

Chapter 7: Messy Situation
As I opened my eyes, I could only see blur all around me, after a while of focusing, I could start making out where I was, well I don't know where I am, but it’s a small, dark room, and it seems to be a basement. I realised that I was gagged, my hands tied up behind the chair and my feet also tied behind the chair legs. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see a dark figure come to me, and I knew in my heart, it was a demon and probably the one that has been my, stalker.
"I am not going to hurt you if you listen carefully, answer my questions and do as I say" Greg said, and then he removed the gag.
"You have already hurt me, or do you not remember?" I snapped back at him, wishing I never because I got a slap across my face and it hurt really bad, he is so strong, I screamed so loud.
"Now listen Zoe, you may have had a perfect life so far, but it ends now, your friends, family and your Zane ends now, they are going to die, painfully, so you might as well do as I say, first question, do you know what I am?" he asked me knowing that I knew.
"Yes I do, you’re a demon, and you have been watching me all my life." I responded.
"Yeah, that’s true, another question, do you know what Zane is?" he asked, still, he’s asking questions he already knows.
"yes I do, he is an angel, and he is going to save me, because I rang him, before you hit me" I responded, in respond to that I had another slap across the face, bit never screamed this time, I held it in.
"You don't even know him, he only turned up in your life recently, but I have been in your life from the very beginning" he shouted at me and turned around so I could not see him anymore.
As he was turned around I tried to think of how to escape, but I couldn’t, I was praying in my head, please Zane, please god save me. I knew that I would need a miracle for me to be saved, I know that in this room, Greg is not the only demon in this room, earlier on before I fully awoke I heard a name Emmie, so I think she is a demon, but I don't know if any other demons are in this room. I’m only thinking this to keep my mind of the pain on my face, it burns like fire and stings so badly I just want to cry but then it will show them I am weak. I plucked up the courage to ask the question I really want to know,
"Greg, please tell me how I am special?" I pleaded with him.
"You’re special because..." he never got to carry on because suddenly I was in my bedroom... "What the hell" I shouted.

Chapter 8: Zane
I was in my bedroom not knowing how I got there because only moments ago I was tied to a chair and in a basement. I look around and saw him, smiling and I knew it, I knew this was because of him, I smiled back and then he ran into my arms, I let him in, and I cried so hard.
"Thank you, Zane, thank you" I sobbed on his shoulder.
"Zoe, I just wanted you to know I am sorry this is happening, and I have thought of so many ways you could run away from this, but all of my thoughts would not work" he whispered in my ear.
I looked him in my eye and I moved my head closer to his, and we shared a passionate kiss, it was immense, and I never wanted it to end, but I knew it would.
"we need to take you somewhere safe, are you willing to leave your life behind and stay with me, you are safe with me, only me, you can't put your family in danger" he asked me that question and I knew I had to say yes, but it means I will never see my mam or my friends again.
"I understand, let’s leave now, please before I fall apart, please I want to go now" I spoke with so many tears falling down my burning cheek.
"Ok, we can go now" he said reaching for my hand, and suddenly we were at his place again, where it all started.

Angels are strange things, so strange, how they can teleport anywhere as long as they have been there before. Demons can do the same, but they have one advantage they can track someone if they have that certain blood, and Greg has my blood, so you can see what I am getting at, I will never be free from him, because he has my blood on his hand, I never know he cut my arm, until I looked at it in Zane’s bathroom, so I know, I know Greg will find me, and I am not putting Zane in danger, I have to leave now, before he notices I am gone, I love Zane and I can tell he loves me, but this has nothing to do with him, nothing at all.
(30minuets before)

"I can tell you how I got you here, as long as I have been at that certain place then I can teleport there, I can only teleport 2 other people with me, because I am not strong enough to teleport more, Demons are stronger because they can teleport anywhere if they have blood from the person they need to find, but that’s ok, because he only slapped you and knocked you out, he doesn't have your blood, does he?" he asked, I looked at my body and didn't notice any.
"No, I don't" I responded.
"If you want I will run you a bath for you to have, you have had a busy day" he insisted, he is right, and plus I stink.
"Ok, but I will run it; I don't need you to run it.
That’s how I got to the bathroom and staring at the cut if arm which was covered with my jacket, and that’s when I came to the desission, to run, and never stop running.

I am running so fast away from this town away from this place but I never realised I was going to run in front of a car.

Chapter 9: Anger
“noooooooooooooooooooo” I shouted as loud as I could, I am so angry I could kill everyone, how could she just go, oh she can if a certain angel snuck in and teleported out of here. And I can’t, I need her blood, I need her......My knife which I cut her arm with when she was sleeping, it has her blood on, I can find her I can get her and I will kill Zane for this, its time me and him have our fight to the death, and I know I will win, because demons are stronger and I am stronger than normal demons.
“Emmie, fetch me that knife on that table over there” I pointed to a table near the chair where my Zoe was, and then suddenly I had a pain in my stomach and I screamed, oh no, something’s happened to my Zoe.
“Here it is, Greg, do you know what you are doing?” Emmie asked me.
“Yeah I do, why?” I asked her.
“Because I think my sister is involved in this, so now it involves me, I am coming with you?” she asked the question I knew she would ask and I knew the answer.
“Yes, because I can’t handle 2 angels and Zoe” I responded.
“Well Greg I will deal with Shan, you can deal with Zane and Zoe” she said.
I think I am at Zane’s house.
“Hello, anyone home” I shouted.
“Yeah, wait who is it, how did you get in” he shouted back.
“Hello Zane” I said, as I appeared in front of him,
“Greg I am going to kill you” he screamed in my face.
“I don’t think you will, now where is Zoe?” I asked.
“She is gone, she ran, she left a note saying she loves me and that she is leaving me to protect me and other people” he responded, with a tear in his eyes.
“I will find her, and after I will kill you, bye for now” I shouted and then I teleported back to the basement and screamed again because I knew that before when I felt something, it was because she has hurt herself badly.

Chapter 10: Pain
The pain is too much, it hurts too much, I need to just let go, I see a light, in my mind I see a light and I am running for it , running so fast but then a hear voices asking if I’m ok, no offense but if you get knocked over by a car, you are not ok.
My eyes start to open but it’s too much so I close them again, I hear a voice I recognise, Zane, and I feel his arms around me and I knew he teleported me away from the scene so I can die without everyone watching, I hate being the centre of attention but look at me, I am, an angel loves me, and a demon hates me, brilliant life this is, maybe it’s best if I die.
"Zoe, Zoe, can you hear me?" a voice was asking me.
"mmmm, errrrr" I tried to speak but I could not form the words, but now I know its Zane.
"You gave me a fright but, I seem to know why you are special now, you would have been dead if you were not" he told me.
After 20 minutes or so, I started to sit up and Zane came to help me up.
"What happened, why am I not dead?" I asked him.
"You did die, but you came back and when you came back you heeled every cut on you" he told me.
"Is this why I am special, because, I can't die?" I asked again.
"I think it’s part of that, but I don't think that’s all, I think there something more to it, because I can't die, they can't die unless we are stabbed directly in the heart or head" he told me something he regretted there, he told me his weakness.
"You can die, even though you are an angel? that’s amazing and Zane the note I left you, it’s true, I do, I do love you" I told him. He bent down to my face and kissed me so gently on the cheek and said something I will never forget. I love you.
As I was in one of the bedrooms at Zane’s place he got me some clothes, which actually fit, they look good on me, he also gave me a knife to protect me, just in case Greg finds me, he told me what happened when Greg managed to find where I was before I left and how he threatened to kill him, and I told him why I left. We discussed what could have happened to me, and we both agreed to never leave each other again while this is happening.
As I walked out of the bedroom and walked to the kitchen I could smell burning.
"Zane, there is a fire?" I shouted,
"Yeah, I am causing it, sorry I can't cook" he said to me as I walked into the kitchen and I saw the burnt food on the table.
"Ha ha, you can't cook, and you are an angel, ha, I can cook better than that" I teased him and he ran at me and pushed me lightly on the couch and started to tickle me.
"stop, stop I’m sorry, please?" I begged him and he did stop and he bent down and kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back, this lasted about 2 minutes before the doorbell.
"I'll get" Zane said as he slipped of the couch and ran to the door, when he opened it, he was silent and when I got up too see why he fell silent I joined him, being silent.
"Hey Daughter, give your mam a hug" my mam said as she walked into the flat.

Chapter 11: Mam
I stood still, and turned my head towards Zane; he knew what I was thinking and held 3 fingers up to show the number of days since my mam last saw me.

I then turned around and faced my mam, I wanted to speak to her and explain everything, but she just grabbed me and hugged me, this lasted a long time, and at the end of it I saw tears in her eyes and got her to sit next to me on the sofa while Zane made tea for me and mam.

"Mum, I can explain it all, but I don't think you would believe me?" I told my mam.

"Zoe, don't ever do this again do you hear me, never leave me like this, don't do what you father did!" she shouted at me. That hit me hard, harder than what has happened to me in the last 3 days.

"Mam I am not like my father, who left us when I was 2 years old and when we were at our lowest, if you knew what has happened to me you wouldn’t shout" I shouted back.

"I'm sorry, what has happened, why are you here with Zane, and why is Tara missing as well?" she asked me.

"I’m here because Zane has helped me and Tara is an evil..."I started to say something but then I had a terrible pain in my head and fell hard on the floor.

When I woke, all I could see was blur and all it reminded me of was when Greg hit me over my head, over my HEAD.
I got up off the bed; Zane must have carried me to his spare bedroom and placed me on the bed, how very caring Zane is.
When I saw them talking to each other on the sofa, all I could think was I wish my mam was not there because if she was not here I would not have to involve her, but now I think it’s too late.

"Hey, I know why I blacked out?" I said, making their heads turn towards me.
"What?" Zane said.

"When Greg hit me 3 days ago, I think something in my mind replayed that same thing, and it was like I got hit at the same place at the same time, again" I said, now feeling that's daft, but then Zane agrees.

"Yes, I think your right Zoe, come sit next to me and your mam" he ordered me.

"OK" I said in response and once I sat down I felt something surge down towards my hands and a glow of light shone from them and Zane and my Mam suddenly ran from the light, while I was smiling but the light turned to a dark mist and then it ended, but now I know why I am special and I can't believe it.

"Mam, Zane i, i, I know why I am special!" I shouted. Zane appeared in front of me holding my hands and I knew then that he can sense it, he knows what I am, I looked around the room and my Mam was nowhere to be seen.

"Zane, where’s mam?" I asked him with panic in my voice.

"When light came from your hands, I didn't move out of the way because of that, I got moved, by your mam, I'm so sorry Zoe, but your mam is a demon" he said while closing his eyes.

"I can't believe it, why is this happening to me, what’s so good about me I getting all of this in my life" I said.

He just shook his head and moved his face closed to mine and I did the same and we met in the middle and I just made everything fade around me and just concentrated on me and Zane.

Chapter 12: Killing


As I stood there with a knife in my hand and blood dripping from it, I let myself smile, a smile which will fade again and I will have to kill again.
Poor Louisa, poor pretty Louisa, she was just a young actress and I had to, I had to kill her, she saw me, saw me kill that man, I had to end her life, just like I am going to end Greg’s, Emmie’s, Shan’s and Zane’s, I am going to let Zoe live because she will be my slave, my lovely powerful slave.
"Hahahahaha" I laughed, I couldn't stop laughing.

I then heard a noise, a noise which I know of, a train, a train is coming, I better run, and run fast. As I ran my heart started to beat really fast , and I felt like I was going to faint, but then I saw her, I saw Shan, I’m going to kill her, now.


Shan is tied on the chair with a knife stuck in her chest, she bleeding but she’s an angel it will take more than that to kill her, oh and I have more than that.
"Where is Zoe?" I asked her.
"I, I, don't know, the last time I saw Zoe was, like I’m going to tell you, you’re a demon and pathetic demon!" she screamed the word demon , and on that note I slapped her hard and got another knife and stick it in her leg, and she screamed and I laughed , and then I heard someone else scream.
"Show yourself; come out come out, where ever you are!" I shouted.
"Stop hurting my sister!" she screamed back, and I knew it was Emmie, poor Emmie, looks like she has a weakness, her sister.
"Ha, so if I kill Shan, I kill you, brilliant" I said, and I turned towards Shan and saw she was gone, and I know it was Emmie, that stupid demon Emmie, saved her angel sister to save her life.
"Nooooooooooo" I screamed and smashed everything in the room.

Once I calmed down , I made a deal with myself, instead of letting Zoe live, I will kill her first then Greg will be weaker, and I will kill him, then Zane will be lost and I will kill him, then Shan and Emmie will have nothing to lose and I will Kill them both.

Chapter 13: Knowing 1


I'm lying in bed, waiting, for my breakfast, but i doubt i will manage anything, but i best try, seen as Zane is cooking, and he actually is good, when he does not burn the food. The door opened, and he walked in with a tray , with food on, and that's when i ran to the bedroom, and slammed the door, and ran to the sink, i feel sick, really sick, knowing, what i am, knowing, that i could cause peace, but then i could chaos and also demons want me dead, and angels want me to be protected, soon they may decide they want me to die, because i am too much trouble, i don't know what Zane would think, but God, is powerful, way more powerful than Zane.
I then heard banging on the door, and Zane asking if i was Ok, and if i would open the door, but i couldn't move, i frozen in the spot, but i knew that he could just come in , without opening the door, so i shouted back, "Just come in", and in the next second he was right behind holding me in his arms and kissing my head.
"I don't want to do this, i don't want to be special, im scared, im really scared" i said.
"What are you scared of, Zoe" he asked.
"Losing you, and dying" i responded.
"I am here for you , and i will protect you, together, we will protect each other, we will not die, that Greg, will die, not you"
"Who has to kill him?" i asked.
"I don't think it matters, but if it did, than you"
"I cannot kill, i have never tried to kill" i responded once again.
"I know, why don't we go out, and clear your head" he asked, and i nodded.
(Me and Zane is at the park)

"I know i can't bow out, and hand it other to someone else, i know its me, but its hard, its hard to get my head around it all"
"I know, but you have me, and......" he started to say someone else when Greg appeared in from of us, we know he wont do anything, because this is a public place, and children are all over the park.
"Just listen Zoe, Zane" he said before we could run are something.
"No, stay away from us" Zane shouted at him, but at the same time, i said, "Fine, but stay where you are, don't come any closer", Zane looked at me to say no, but i had to listen, i had to listen to him.
"There is things you don't know Zoe and here is 2 of the things, you won't kill me, because i am your father" and with that i gasped and nearly fainted, but he didn't stop there, "You may know this one, "Your special because you have powers beyond, you control..."
"I know more than you on that one" i snapped at him, "I know what i am" i shouted.
"What's that?" he asked.
"You don't know do you, only me and Zane does, ha, you won't win because i don't care you my father, i will kill you" i shouted and with that i made white light appear in my hand and sent it straight to Greg which made him leave the Park, and i then made me and Zane go back home with black mist. 

Chapter 14: Knowing 2
I am sitting on the sofa, thinking hard, thinking of what to do now, now, i know, my true self, and now i know, what power i have.
Zane interrupts my trail of thoughts.

"Zoe, should we call Shannon?" he asked
"Yeah, do whatever" i asked not really paying attention, but then something hit me, (not physically, but mentally).
"That's it, we need a showdown" i shouted.
"As in, all of good, and all of bad in one place" he asked knowing he was right.
"Yes, yes, as in, me,you, Shannon on the good side, and Emmie, Greg, my mum on the other, i have know idea where Tara stands, i have a feeling she is in a league all of her own".

(2 mins l
ater and they are discussing on how to do this)

"Maybe i should get them one by one, as in grab their arm, and teleport them to my house, because, i do not care if they trash my house"
"That is a stupid idea, they will kill you as soon as you stand near them" Zane replied.
"Well may....." I started to say, when suddenly Emmie, and Shannon was in front of me and Zane"


Shannon and Emmie, sat on the Sofa , while we were standing waiting for an explanation, when for a while no-one spoke, I spoke up.

"Shannon, what is Emmie doing here?" i asked
"She is my twin, and if i die, she dies, vice versa, which would make us protective of each other, she saved me from Tara, only because she would of died, as well, i am sorry i hid this from you, but now she failed, she is after you, Tara wants you dead, before Greg can have you" she said in a hurry.
"I can take care of myself" i responded.
"Emmie, just find Greg, and bring him here, sorry Zane but the fight is here, and no buts"
"What fight?" Emmie asked.
"The big showdown, just do as i say, before i kill you" i asked, knowing i can't.
"Woah, I'm going... I'm going" she said, and teleported to get Greg.


"Well, seeing your pretty face makes me smile" Greg said, as soon as he was standing in front of me.
"Seeing your ugly face makes me cringe" i said and laughed.
"Your full of it"
"Your nothing, but...." i started to say something, when suddenly i was flung across the room, and my body hit the wall, and i slumped down, on the floor.
"You should learn to shut up, before you die" Tara said from the Kitchen, with a knife towards Zane's throat.
I stood up, and i am ready, i do not know what i am about to do, but i know if i do not do something soon, i will regret it.
"Tara, you shouldn't of did that" i screamed.
I ran straight at her, and she did not expect it, and she pushed Zane out of the way and i landed on her full force, i then, placed my hand on her neck and started to feel the light magic coming and i then see it, and i see Tara's eyes, fading in the the blackness of hell, but before she dies, she pushes me away, and charges at Shannon, and stabs her in the heart, and she does that, both her, Emmie, and Shannon, falls on the ground, and lay still on the ground.
I then Stand up, and face Greg, who has been watching this whole time, keeping out of the way.
"Greg i think its time, for a bit of 1 and 1" i said to him.
"No, i think its 2 and 1" Zane said by my side, and i felt his arms wrap around me, and whisper gently in my ear, "I love you, and i will not let you fight him, on your own"
"Thank you, but, where is my mum" i whispered back.
"Behind you both with a gun pointing to your special boy" my mum said.
"Sugar" i said, and then i turned around and hit her with a white glow which made the gun fly out of her hand, and i then turned to Zane, and screamed, "Kill her, now", i then ran towards Greg and formed black and white mist in my hand and started to hit him, but then he grabbed my arms and i felt my power drain from me, and i then fall on the ground, barely able to breathe, and Greg grabs my neck and lifts me up, and shouts, "I have you now, i have you , my little girl".
"No,You,Don't" i then, used the last of my energy and made him fall on the ground, and i then kick him in the face and watch as he suddenly burst into flames.
I then, see darkness ahead of me, but i know i will not be there for very long, because i feel Zane's arms around me, and kissing my cheek. 

( 1 day later )

Its took me a whole day to recover, from the fight, because i was injured, but healed very quickly, but i didn't want to leave the flat, i was to scared, and when i say scared, i mean scared.
But Zane finally persuaded me, to get out, and get some fresh air, with him , so now i am with him, in the park, talking about some random things which is going on, but all i want to talk about is what happened a day ago.

"..so yeah, i have been fishing before, but..." Zane was going to continue but i cut him short.
"I want to talk about a day ago" i said to him, in a voice, i new he would understand, i really need to talk about it.
"Yeah, i know you would want to" he replied.
"I have no-one left in my life, only you, my mum is dead, my dad is dead, my best friend is dead" i replied back to his reply.
"I know, and if i could change that i would, anything for you, my Zoe" he said to me.
"I know, i know, you would, Zane" i then realised what we are here to do, "Zane, this world is a dangerous place, there is so many demons out there, just like my father, who wants me, i need to know how to control my powers, which means i need to find a demon, a good demon" i told him.
"What?" he asked in surprise.
"You know what i am, you know i need a demon to help me, you can help me as an angel, but i need a demon, i need to learn both sides, you know i do" i said to him.
"I know, but it will be risky" he said to me trying to put me off.
"I am powerful, you know i am, risky is my middle name" i said to him, I then stood up and thought to myself.

"I am half angel, and half demon which makes me an apocalypse ­"



A man screaming , or maybe a demon screaming in agony suddenly appears back in hell.
"I am going to kill her, so badly she will pay, her and that boyfriend of hers, i will not give in, i tried playing nice, and that didn't work, so now I'm mean, now I'm mister nasty"

"You can run Zoe, but you cannot hide, your fathers coming for you, come to daddy"

Book2 : Bleeding
This is the second book, form Behind Closed Doors (BCD#1)
Zoe and Zane is on a mission to try and find a good demon, but run through allot of trouble and find out shocking revelations, and at some point split up.
Greg, is in Hell, but he will return to earth, and he will get his revenge, but is it really his.

Hell 1 

I will get out of here...
I will find her...
I will punish her...
I will kill her...


As I walked through the black and red corridors with blood running down them, I knew that he would be there, I failed to collect her, that means, I will have to do a challenge, to get back on earth, and if I fail the challenge, then, I am stuck in hell for the rest of my eternal life.
"You failed me" the mystery demon spoke.
"I know, I am sorry, I never thought she knew how strong she was, but I guess the angel helped her" I responded.
"Ha, your pathetic, you failed me, no excuses, which means, you, will have to the challenge" the mystery demon, responded.
"I will do the challenge, and I will complete it, I promise" I spoke shakily.
"Then this is the challenge" he said, and stood up and walked up to me, and grabbed my shoulder hard, "You have to help someone in Earth" he told me.
"But I cannot enter earth" I responded.
"You can, but only a certain part, just to complete this challenge, and if you pass, then you will be able to find the girl, and kill her, its to late to take her, and use her, just kill her, and if you fail, then I will do it myself, which will make me an unhappy demon" he said and then turned and clicked his fingers, which made me, teleport from here to earth.

(Mystery demon)

I need someone to go up, a spy, yes, a spy.
As I walk down to my room, in Hell, I find her, lying on our bed.
"Linda, you have a mission" I spoke in my relaxed voice.
"What's that love?" she asked , in that smooth voice.
"You have to go to earth and keep an eye on the demon Greg, make sure he helps that person, and not kill, or hurt, and make sure he does not try to escape my clutches, if he fails, kill him, and bring me his head" I told her.
"Yes, love" she responded, and then she stood up, and walked over to me, "If he fails, I will kill her, so do not worry"
Then she was gone, and I was left alone, in the pitiful place, if only, Zoe was dead, and then, and then, I would be able to use my powers better and stronger.


When I finally persuaded Zane, to help me find a good demon, he said that before I try anything, I have to learn a bit of my angel power, just so I can protect myself, against weaker demons.
So I am standing, in a field, which only me and Zane are on, and I am trying to practice how to move object and things with my hand.
As I move my hand near a piece of wood, I sense its moving, but once again, I am just imagining it, and it’s just the wind.
"I told you, Zane, I actually do not know how to do this" I told him, for then hundredth time.
"Yes, you can, I know you can, watch" he said in reply and he moved his hand near the piece of wood, and lifted it in the air, and then, let go of the piece of wood, so it fell straight back onto the ground, "You just have to concentrate".
"Ok, I will try one more time", I said, and I hovered my hand up above the piece of wood, and put all my energy into moving it, after about 2 minuets I was about to give in, but then it started to float up above and I am so happy, and then I lose concentration, and the wood, suddenly flies over to Zane, and hits him on the head, "Oh, Zane I am so sorry" I told him while laughing.
"Zoe, well done, you just went up two steps, you made it move, and you used it to direct it at someone and hit them, but make sure next time, its an enemy not a friend" he said, while rubbing his head.
"Boyfriend, not friend" I quickly corrected, with a smile on my face, and then he came over to me, and kissed me on the lips, and I get that feeling, that feeling I always get when he kisses me, a feeling which I know I will be safe as long as he is here with me.

When Zane finally told me, we can go back home, I was so happy, and when I mean happy, I mean really happy.
I was walking with Zane hand in hand, and then, suddenly there was a really bright light, and I looked away, and when I looked back, an angel, a real angel like Zane, was lying on the floor, with only one wing, and its red, an angel with red wings, does not exist, and he has a crown, as if he is a royalty.
I then turn to look at Zane, who looks even more shocked than, me, so I finally speak up.
"Zane, I do not get this, an angel falling from the sky, and look at what he looks like" I spoke to him.
"I know, I know, maybe things have changed while I have been down on earth" he said back to me, he then walked over to the angel and touched him, and said something to try and wake him up, after 5 minutes, the fallen angel finally stirs, and notices us, and try’s to fly away, but then he realises, he has only one wing, and he turns back to us.
"Please, do not hurt me, im begging!" he shouted at us, so I walked over to him slowly.
"We are not going to hurt you, but we do want to talk to you, why don't you come with me, and Zane, and return to Zane's flat" I responded.
"Oh, ok" he spoke quietly.
So Zane walked on one side of him, and I walked on the other, and we walked back home. 

All three of us have been sitting in the living room, for about 10 minutes, and no-one has spoke yet, so I think I might.
"So, what's your name?" I asked the fallen angel, he looked up to me, and started to think, he then looked as if he knew the answer, but then, he shook his head.
"I do not know, I cannot remember, all I know is, that I was a prince, but then, everything happened, and I was weak, and they caught me, and tortured me, and now, I can't even fly, and im stuck on earth" he said, without pausing, and then, he looked back down, to the floor, and started to stand up, but then, Zane was in front of him, and spoke in an unusual voice.
"What has happened, up in heaven, what has changed, how long has it been?" he asked a few questions, at once, and I knew the fallen angel, was in no fit state to answer just yet.
"Zane let him use the spare room, and sleep, he is tired, and shocked, and well, I really could use some time, to speak to you, on my own" I said, to Zane.
He moved away, from him, and told him to follow. So the fallen angel followed Zane, to the spare room, and in about 2 minutes later, Zane comes back to the living room.
"Zoe, I am sorry, I lost my cool, with him" he told me, in a soft voice, all I did in reply was pat the seat next to me, in a indication to sit down next to me.
"Zane, I feel that this is getting personal, and well, I feel I am not wanted in this, so, I am going to go off, and try and find, a good demon" I said to him, and with that, he grabbed my hand, and pulled me to out room, and pushed me on the ground.
"Your not leaving me again, Zoe, remember what happened last time, huh, do you remember that you got knocked over by a car, and nearly died" he shouted in my face.
"Yes, I do remember I am the one who got hit, Zane!" I shouted back in his face.
"Please Zoe, listen, I do not want you to leave me, I do not want to feel as if half of me is gone, please Zoe, understand, that, you are safer here, and you never know, the fallen angel may have some answers, to what we need to know" he said softly and I knew I made a terrible mistake.
"Zane your right, I am sorry I said that, I am sorry I even thought I could leave you, I am safer with you, I really am" I spoke to him fast, and then, he came around me and picked me up, and touched my face and ran his fingers through my hair, and started to kiss my cheek softly.
"Ahem, I remember my name, and I think, I need to tell you allot of things" interrupted the fallen angel’s voice.
"My name is Kieran, and well, I am a prince of the heaven, and things were so normal, just like heaven is up there peaceful and quite, but, then, one night up there, a black portal opened, and demons came pouring in, the royalty, had to run, my father,mother,sister had to run, but they were to fast, too many, and they all got caught, but I managed to get to a hiding place, and stayed there, but from there, I looked down, and saw my family, all about to be killed, and I stood up, and ran, after them, but they grabbed me, and chained me, and made me watch them, get killed, and then they spoke to me saying your not going to die, your going to be hurt, for the rest of your long life, and I got pushed and shoved, to a prison, and from there, I could here innocents being killed, and thinking, I am now king, but I am so weak, I am nothing, and I knew I couldn't fly, they cut one of my wings off, so I used the last of my magic, to make me fall from the sky, and land anywhere but thinking of a girl, because I heard from them, they did it, because of a girl, a girl so powerful" he said all of this, to quick so fast, and when he said the last bit, I stood up, and ran to the kitchen.
"Kieran, Zoe is that girl, and when you thought of her, you fell down near her" I heard Zane say to Kieran.
"Is she good?" Kieran asked.
"Yes, she is, this is not her fault" Zane spoke in my defence, and then he asked something else, "How long has it been in heaven, since I have been there?".
"You have been on earth for 3 weeks, but in heaven, that means 3 years" Kieran answered.
"3 YEARS!" Zane shouted.
"You could of been killed, if you were there, but you had a mission, to protect someone, I am guessing my father gave that to you, am I correct?" Kieran asked Zane.
"Yes, you are" Zane replied.
I came back into the room, with tears in my eyes.
"Zane,Kieran, I can't think straight, knowing I am responsible, of heaven, being destroyed because of me" I said, while crying.
Zane came over to me, and hugged me tight, and spoke in my ears softly.
"Its not your fault, we will save heaven, as we will save you".


When i opened my eyes, i was in a park, and i looked around, and no-one was around.
How am i meant to help someone, i do not normally help, i normally kill.
I stood up, and started to walk away, when i noticed, that beside me was a note, and it said, an address and a name on it, i guess that's who im helping and where she lives.

....more to come, do not worry...

My goodreads :D


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