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Review of Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power Series, #1) by L.H Cosway

Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power Series, #1)
Her heart is broken and bleeding. But her blood is going to get her into trouble. 
Tegan wonders if it is possible to die of a broken heart. For over two months she has grieved and not left the confines of her apartment in Tribane city. Following her friend Nicky’s advice, she is now going to step outside and start her life over again. 
On her very first night outdoors, Tegan joins her friends at the Crimson club where she draws the attention of the mysterious owner, Ethan Cristescu. She is not entirely sure why this beautiful man is so interested in her, but she has a feeling there is something not quite right about him. 
As she falls deeper into Ethan’s world, Tegan makes some shocking discoveries about who she really is, and finally uncovers the true face of her home city. Tribane is inhabited by vampires, dhamphirs, slayers, witches and warlocks. The problem is, they all want Tegan for her very special blood. 
She doesn't want to hide again, but she also doesn’t want these creatures to capture her. Tegan has a difficult decision to make. Should she run away or stand and fight?

My Thoughts
I was asked by the Author to read and then review this and I may of said this before but I love it when the author takes time to email you and give you a copy of there book for free, it makes you feel some what special and I was pleased to get this. The title and cover is very interesting and would of drew me in to read it whether or not the author asked me to. The description of the book is something I would normally go far so I was very interested in this book.

I am so happy I got this book because I loved it so much, I don't even think there's a bad thing to say about this book, it was really that good. First of all the description, title and cover live up to the book, it kept me reading and I really didn't want to put the book down. The storyline is amazing and I loved how it kept going and more stuff got added to the book and the more that happened the more I was keen to read on. The ideas in this books is really great. This is such and easy read and I feel anyone who loves this kind of book would be able to read it within a few days if they have the time to read it. The POV is focused around Tegan the main character which I was glad.

There is many characters in this book, and of course I will talk about the ones I feel played a main part in the book.
Tegan as the main character played the biggest part in this book, she has had a terrible past, but she's ready to try and move on and then everything starts getting even worse. Vampires.. Warlocks and other things starts appearing in her life which makes her think she could just hide in her flat and stay there. She never thought of herself to be special but she is. I loved her so much, how she dealt with problems how she wished this wasn't happening where in some books the women who are in danger crave it. She was an enjoyable character and I really want to know more about her.
Ethan to me is so full of himself but he is very funny and I really loved him for who he was and what he tries to do throughout the book. For a vampire he is one good guy who cares about Tegan. I really did love him to bits and I feel I may be falling for him (You know.. like a fictional boyfriend. why not?).
Marcel & Gabriel owns a shop in which Tegan gets a job there, they can sense something is different to her. I think in the book I prefer Gabriel to Marcel, because of way they both acted.
Rita at first I really didn't like, she was kinda self centred and moody and didn't even give Tegan a chance. As the story went on and she plays more of a character I started to love her as a character. As Tegan was liking her so was I.
The rest of the other characters all played there characters very well and sometimes I was kinda scared of them, the emotions in this book actually made me feel what they felt, I swear I cried during 1 bit of the book.

My overall opinion of this book is I loved it and I really wouldn't say anything negative about it. I have finally thought of something bad about this book.. THAT IT ENDED :O hope the second book comes out soon :).
I recommend this book to people who love Vampire, Warlocks, Witches and other things.. also people who love YA ! :D



  1. This sounds like a good book, lovely review :) It sounds very interesting and worth a read :)


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