Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My new Idea!!

I have a new idea for a story!
It is going to be Romance with some sort of violence  and killing, but not allot, i hope!
I know the title because its going to be set in the Future! yey!
Here is the Image:

This may be the best Idea ever!
I hope i think more of it! yey!

Just changes the image:

If you have any ideas then please Comment!
Many thanks!

The results of my first poll!

I had a poll, asking what creature would you rather be!

And the majority was Faerie !

So here is 2 pics of them!! hehe

I now have the next poll, which is, how long have you had your blog?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review of The edge by Alan Gibbons

The Edge

Danny is a boy on the edge. A boy teetering on the brink of no return, living in fear.
Cathy is his mother. She’s been broken by fear.
Chris Kane is fear- and they belong to him
But one day they escape. They’re looking for freedom, for a promised land where they can start really living. Instead they find prejudice, and danger of another kind.
Blurb of the book

Danny: He feels powerless and he is always scared of what Chris could do, and when he gets given the chance to escape he takes it, and does everything to help his mum escape. But they do, but other things start happening.
Cathy: A women who is scared and wants to escape Chris who hit she, and makes her feel alone, so when she gets the chance she takes her son, and runs, they manage to escape but that’s not the last of Chris Kane.
Chris: The man, both Danny and Cathy are scared of, and ran away from him, he thinks he owns Cathy and Danny, he thinks he is in love with her, and by that, he controlled her, and will do anything to find them, anything at all, to be able to control them both once again, even if it means hurting other people.
Abbie: Danny’s best friend, who gets caught in all of this, Chris Kane will stop at anything to get information, even if it id through Abbie.
Harry: Danny’s granddad and Cathy’s dad, he thinks the worst of them both, especially Danny, because of the colour of Danny’s skin, he is racist but he may have it in him, to change his views, and maybe Danny will be the one to change it.
Joan: Danny’s grandma and Cathy’s mum, she is so pleased to see them, and doesn’t even ask why they are back, she just wants everything to be a family, and she even argues with Harry, because of the way he acts.
Steve: He is a racist  boy who has nothing better to do then pick on Danny, but Danny is allot stronger than he thinks, and he should of thought about that before being racist in front of Danny.

My thoughts:
I got this book, when i was in year 8, so 3 years ago, but i never read it, because i was nto into reading then, but the book is signed and i met the Author!!
I am glad i finally read it, and i was pleased i did, it’s not normally a book i read, but it was good, i liked how Alan Gibbons wrote the parts from different perspectives, it told the way i would like most stories to be, it showed, the victims, the person who causes the pain, and also the friends, and people who have witnessed or is part of it.
The ending was good, and i want to tell everyone to read it, it’s about, abuse, freedom, courage and prejudice.

Rating: *****

PS. Sorry i am late at it!! internet has been down, but its back!! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


sorry i have been long, when my internet is back i promise i will post a review!!

Thank you for being patient!


Friday, 1 April 2011


I am actually soo bored i thought why not put a picture of my saga of Darren Shan! hehe
Yep, I have all 12!! and i will never sell them, just love how it spells Cirque du Freak!! and an image of a spider comes together!
I have to say my favourites are, 1st one, 5th one, 6th one, 7,8,9th one, and 11th one!! them were the best 7 out of 12!!


Blog button!

It has took me a while to write this, but then, it took me a while to create my blog button!
I want to thank everyone who has helped me create it, and i would like to return the favour, but my designing skills are rubbish, unless you want a montage of your favourite books.
So all you have to do, is design your blog button on paint, e.g, you have the background pink and writing purple or an image of something with writing on top. Make sure it is suitable size, and not too big, like mine, ooops!
After that all you have to do is, then , send it to my email address , and link to your blog, and then i will do the code/link for you, and i will then put it on my blog, for you to copy onto your blog , and once that is done, i will remove it off my blog, unless you want me to keep it there for you to get more followers!

Also visit my goodreads group on facebook called basically books!

Thank you so much for reading this!!

Please comment if you need too!

My goodreads :D


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