Thursday, 16 February 2012

Get A Taste: Tegan's Blood

Rea of Rea's Reading and Reviews and I often read very different books but sometimes find interesting new books to potentially add to the ever-growing monsters that our TBR piles have morphed into. However, we know that we do not have 100% the same taste and we wanted another way of getting a look at these books...

Do you ever feel like getting a bit of a taster for a book you’ve been thinking of reading but aren’t fully sold on yet? Do you feel like sharing a taster for your current read with the world? Well, here’s your chance.

Each week the random number generator will pick a number between 1 and 100 for books with pages or 1 and 25% for ebooks. We figured that these numbers would keep us out of spoiler territory. Open your book to the specified place and pick a paragraph. Share it with the world!

This week its: 
Page number: 80
Kindle/ebook: 19%

My Teaser: 
Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power Series, #1)
'He looks up at me and smiles warmly. "Hello Tegan," he says. "How are you this morning?"
"I'm good, a little tired though." I reply, practically gawking at his dark green eyes. He must have noticed because he averts his gaze back to the book he'd been reading, I have a thing about eyes, I don't know why, I like to admire unusual colours and shapes.'

I have read this and a review is to come. I loved this so much and I really liked the storyline and the characters. It was well thought of and I really would recommend you to read it :)

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