My poems!


Love you!  
I love you
I need you
The way you look
The way you act
Your different from the rest
Your better then the best

I love you
I need you
When I see you
I smile
When I see you
I shine
When I cry
You hold me tight
And I never want to let go of this sight

I love you
I need you
Please don't go
Please don't leave me

I want to run
how far is the sun
i want it to shine,
coz baby your mine

The earth i wish to see
Because its a mystery
Hold out your hand
And lets walk in the sand

I want to run
how far is the sun
i want it to shine
coz baby your mine

When you are crying
I feel like dying
Because when you are down
I have a frown

I want to run
how far is the sun
i want it to shine
coz baby your mine 

265563When we first met  
I was new in year 9
And i was all alone
When the second day came and i saw your face
I knew i could talk to you
So i after art class i walked up to you
I said hi, and you said hi back
We walked to lesson together, and i knew from there
We were going to be best friends, for as long as we can

Of course we have our fights, and fall outs
What relationship don't
But the important this is, we always make up

We care for each other, we have a laugh
we smile to each other, and share our secrets
We know we can trust one and another
Because that's what best friends do

I am now in year 11
Never alone
Because i met you
Shannon, i never want to lose you! 

265578So glad
I am so happy
That we became friends
So glad I finally
Got to know you
Because without you
I may have got lost

I am so happy
That we became friends
So many good memories
Which I want to keep in my heart
To treasure for ever
And to remember when I am down

I am so happy
That we became friends
Because you have helped me
Where no-one could not
And we may be in a battle
But no matter what


Shut Up! (Working progress)
Pandas are cute
I want Tara on mute
She won't stop talking
She better start walking


By Michaela my sister


The Forest
There is always that one place
What makes you whole
Makes you so happy
Especially with you

That place which is full of wonder
and magic and everything so good
When i start to walk i know i can talk
Especially with you

The magic which is in the air
The magic which is everywhere
Starts to make me know i can trust this place
Especially with you

So this forest of ours
The trees which is ours
The pond which makes us smile
The fish which jump out and shine
I think i know why, because this Forest is ours!

Because i am in love with this place
Especially with you

265796Feeling Down 
When i am down
When i have a frown
I always want to try
to have a little cry
But the tears don't always come
Instead i want to hurt something
Please go away
I would rather cry
Than to get angry
But my body seems to shut down
And i cannot think straight
I go to hurt myself
But normally i fail
If you ever feel like this
Think of this
Your not alone
Never alone
There is always someone to talk to
Even if they are far away
There is a way
So stop what your doing
And walk away
Will the tears to come
That is the better way

I am wrong
But i say i am
I am not wrong
But you say i am

When i am right
I feel i am wrong
When i am not right
I sometimes think i am

So tell me and prove it
Don't just say i am wrong
Prove me right or wrong
But don't just say i am wrong

These words mean something to me
So please tell me if i am wrong
Because if you don't
Then i will always be wrong



When I am awake I don't want no sleep
I really don't want to fall to deep
I am alive and energetic
but I am pathetic

When its time for sleep
I fall down too deep
Tears fall down my face
Because I am a disgrace

I hear someone call my name
But I think I am insane
Their hands shake me awake
And now I know I am going to break..

I made this up from the top of my head! :/ 

3 Words
People don't understand
Our love for each other
They don't understand
Because we are young
But let me tell you
That I love you

When we hold hands
When we kiss
when we hug
and when we hold each other
Its so magical
Its so unbelievable

But still people don't believe
That we love each other
People don't see
our love for each other
But let me tell you
That I love you

Yes we are young
Yes its early days
But when I look into your eyes
when I see your amazing smile
I know this is for real
I know this is gonna last
I Love You 

For the whole year
I trusted you
I told you secrets
I even cried
And in return
You do this
What did i do so wrong
To make you do this
In year 10 we were close
Then comes the next year and you use me
Am i just a paper you write until there is no more space left
OR just something you can use then throw away
Because when i found out you lied
My heart skipped a beat and i felt numb inside
Now i think who can i trust, who can i cry too..
But i know one thing, ill never ever think of you as a good person
Not now, you gone to far
You made me cry, you made me sad, and i nearly went mad
but my friends helped me out, and i owe them
I'm glad you told me
Because now i know where i stand
Not with you, that's what i know
SO WHO can i trust, who who who!!!


Saying the wrong thing 
When I am talking to a friend
I always seem to ruin it
say the wrong thing
and maybe losing it
I get angry quite easy
and take it out on you
I never mean to be so mad
its just who I am
ill change one day
I know I will
because in my heart
I hate it, I hate it so much
I just want to stop
think before I act
because one day
ill take it to far
and I will lose everyone
who ever loved, or liked me. 

I love You (Those 3 words) 

One minute im happy and then the next im not

Im smiling away and then you forgot

The one thing i need you to remember

Just those 3 words


As i was laying next you,

I was waiting for you to talk,

Silence invaded our hearts,

And i was left without those words.


Everyday people look at me,

and I know they dont like me,

They dont talk to me,

Im never going to hear those 3 words.


So years went by,

Without those words,

and then suddenly your there,

and you say those 3 words.


Beauty of Love

I need you, to make me whole,
to make me complete, as your like the other half of me, of mind and soul
and when your close to me, i feel so strong,
that i can conquer anything, as you are also what I long

then i wish for you to be by my side
lifting me into the sky
helping me through all the troubles
as soft as a gentle little bubble

i hope that bubble never bursts
as if it does, i would no longer be with you
i would not be able to bare the thought of a never
and so let the bubble, be whole forever

even if that bubble did burst
that would only be the first
we can remake it to make a second
and make it last a decade

I do not think i can say more on that bubble
But i will say 3 words, that cant reach further trouble
the ones that make my heart skip, my hands all hot, I hope you too do

those 3 words of music
just like you my beautiful lily
the world as we know it
does not need a special tonic

as that tonic will change a life
and make some strife
but we can get through
its just a case of creating anew

a new birth, a new love
and we can make a trove
a new death, a new crow
so lets hope that comes slow

The one I have chosen,
Made of silk and cotton
Lips of a soft touch
I have never seen one of such

My goodreads :D


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