Friday, 17 February 2012

Tag - you're it!

This week my friend and blogger Rea of who has a blog Rea's Reading and Reviews has tagged me. I had no idea this exsisted until now, so thank you Rea for tagging me.


  • You must post the rules. 
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Questions from Rea

1. Who is your favourite fairy tale character and why? 
Snow White because I love the concept of being awaken by your one true love. 
2. Do you watch a lot of TV?
 I do indeed but I try to make sure I read more. 
3. Sweet or savoury? 
OHH this is so hard I like both but I must go with sweet. 
4. What’s your life-long dream? 
To be happily living with an amazing guy,, have a family..and have a great job. 
5. Who is your book crush? 
I have so many its unreal I normally find one per book if the book is good. So I think I may go with Jace from City of bones etc. 
6. Love at first sight or a slow burning romance? 
This is hard because I feel it could be both but I'm going to go with slow burning romance. 
7. Vampires or werewolves? 
Vampires all the way. 
8. If you had to learn another language, which would you choose? (Hey, I’m a language buff ;)) 
THIS is hard because I have tried Spanish and failed so maybe.... French or something different like Dutch :P
9.  For valentine’s: roses (as in the flowers), chocolates or a teddy bear? 
OH MY GOD I got 2 of these for valentines sooo I might just go with Teddy Bear. 
10. Lucky you, you found a genie in a lamp! What would your three wishes be? (All the normal limitations apply.) 
My first would be to protect me and my family. My second would be to make sure I stay in a well paid job. My last one would be for me to be able to have happiness in life. 
11. If you could make one book required reading for everyone, which book would it be? This is hard I have so many. Hmmm... I will go with my first ever proper book read in which i really want people to know more of. Skellig by David Almond. 

My Questions:

1. What is you all time Favourite book or two ? 
2. If you had to choose between kindle/e-reader and Paper books which would you chose? 
3. If you could only visit one Country in the next 10 years what Country would it be and why? 
4. At the end of the book do you prefer a cliff hanger or a normal finished ending? 
5. What is the scariest thing you have ever did in your life so far? 
6. In a book do you prefer it being told from a males POV or a woman s POV or even a child's POV? 
7. Have you got a goodreads account? 
8. Would you rather have a date on the beach or in a restaurant? 
9. What is your favourite animal and colour?
10. Are you in any book club either online or real life.. if so what ones? 
11. Do you have library card and visit the library quite often? 

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 6. Vandasamur

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