Monday, 30 January 2012

The Cover Wars: Knife/Spell Hunter

Rea of Rea's Reading and Reviews and I decided to get together to do a weekly meme where we would compare covers of the UK editions of books with those of the US editions.
The aim of this is to just have a bit of fun. We put ourselves in the position where we see both of these books side by side in the bookstore. Which would we choose? Why that one and not the other?

This week, we will be comparing the UK and US covers of Knife by R.J. Anderson or in the US it is called Spell Hunter because I have read the start of this, and yes I couldn't get into it but I know that if I tried harder I may be able to. I still have the book and I hope to read this some time in my life. 

The First book is the US version and the Second one is the UK version. 

Tara says: I have the UK version and I really like it. I feel the glow of the cover is amazing and the fact it's so simple but pretty really appealed to me. When I saw the US version on GoodReads, I loved it. I like how you can see the character in detail and it's very colourful. In my opinion It says more about the book than the UK version. Also, I prefer the US name of the book. I am going with US this week. 

Rea says: At first glance, it was the US cover that caught my attention. It’s almost like a painting, which is both its strength and its weakness: its strength because of how pretty it is; its weakness because there’s just too much going on in it. When compared with the UK cover, it stands out for its beauty but that’s about it. The UK cover is simple yet eye-catching with that very grumpy fairy. The blue complements the ethereal fairy perfectly. What’s more, the title is both snappier and clearer. With the US cover, I wasn't sure which one was the actual title at first, but it’s certainly clear with just the one word on the UK cover! I’m going with UK this week.


Week 2:     US: 1    UK: 0    Draw: 1


Review of The Childe (The Childe #1) by C.A. Kunz

The Childe (The Childe, #1)

Cat Colvin 

Average Teenager? 

Or Something Else Entirely? 

Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager. Sure, she’s taller than most girls, has a mane of fiery red hair that’s impossible to tame, is left-handed, and her eyes are two different colors, but that’s where the differences end... unless you include the minor detail of her slow transformation into a Childe. 

High school can definitely be challenging, and for Cat it’s no different. This is especially true when she’s faced with the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. To make matters worse, her family is oddly dead set against Ryan, the boy she grows to like. But everyone has their secrets: is Ryan really what he seems to be, and what is Cat’s family not telling her?

My Thoughts 
This book was also free on Amazon, and so I read the description and thought it sounded amazing, so I downloaded it on my kindle. I was reading other books then, so I was leaving this to when I had no other books to read on my kindle. The cover of this book looks very interesting and everything looks so dark about it apart from the bright red hair in which if you have read the description you will know that is the main character Cat. First impression is a very good impression and so I hope the book lives up to the cover and description.

I only read 8% and I just wanted to read more, to see everything being solved or sorted. I felt very glued to the book and when something was happening I sometimes felt that, it was me and not that character because I got so into it. As of other books, it took a while for me to realise what was going on and what was what and who was who, but I did get an idea of what was happening half way through it. I loved the storyline and plot and the fact not everything was solved by the end which makes me just want to buy the next one, but I may wait. The style of writing makes it easy to read and I can easily say I loved how the writing just flowed with me, I couldn't help but read it. The POV was mostly on Cat but now and then it changes to another character to see what they are doing or how they are feeling and even what they are thinking.

Cat doesn't know that something is different about her, apart from the things she sees, she just thinks she's an average teenager, but things start happening to her which she is scared to tell anyone about in case they think she is going mad. She can't help but feel good when she's with Ryan, but he acts weird around her so she knows there is no chance they could be together. I hate how she doesn't know anything that is going on even though she is 17 years old which i feel is old enough to know any truth and maybe even try and deal with it.
Her parents and family I think are treating her like a kid by keeping her in the dark, I mean if I knew people were hiding something from me since I was born I think I would love to know, no matter what is.
I love her friends in this book, because she has a few and they all different. One of them just can't help but be scared and embarrassed but you see her grow within the book. All of her friends are so protective and caring of her and I am quite jealous at how popular but un popular she is.
There is some sort of mean people in this book who instantly hate Cat, and I just felt.. oh no. I felt they are going to hurt her or kidnap her because she's special are something.
Ryan who instantly likes her has to stay away because of Isaac and the rest of his friends, which we don't know why. I like Ryan he is the only one apart from her family and friends who actually cares for her. But her parents seem to not act correctly while she is around.
There is many more characters but writing them down and talking about them all on here will make my review very, very big.

My overall opinion of this book is i loved how the characters were portrayed and the way the story was told. The ending was asking me for more which means this is a series to continue eventually.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves YA, and loves a bit of mystery but also a little romance.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Get A Taste: Time Breaking

Rea of Rea's Reading and Reviews and I often read very different books but sometimes find interesting new books to potentially add to the ever-growing monsters that our TBR piles have morphed into. However, we know that we do not have 100% the same taste and we wanted another way of getting a look at these books...

Do you ever feel like getting a bit of a taster for a book you’ve been thinking of reading but aren’t fully sold on yet? Do you feel like sharing a taster for your current read with the world? Well, here’s your chance.

Each week the random number generator will pick a number between 1 and 100 for books with pages or 1 and 25% for ebooks. We figured that these numbers would keep us out of spoiler territory. Open your book to the specified place and pick a paragraph. Share it with the world!

This week its: 
Page number: 54 
Kindle/ebook: 4%

My Teaser:
Time Breaking
'It was now light and, by the time we left the table, the sun was beginning to send a few feeble rays over the horizon. I stayed silent, trying to watch and learn.'

I haven't even read this yet, but I will be reading this next :D
I am looking forward to this read, as my sister read it and loved it. 

Review of Crossroads (Crossroads Saga #1) by Mary Ting

Claudia Emerson has a good friend who shares the same first name and last name. That friend unfortunately dies in a tragic accident during homecoming dance. Claudia is distraught at the loss of her friend, but is even more disturbed by her dreams, which seem to take her to another place called Crossroads. Unknown to her, Crossroads is like a second heaven, a place between heaven and earth. It is where the souls of humans in comas or near death experiences may wander.
There, Claudia meets Michael, a nephilim, a half angel, half human, whom she often meets in her dreams. It turns out that this isn’t her first visit to Crossroads, which is an enigma for no human can ever travel there until Claudia. Now the fallen and demons are after her, suspecting she must be special and it is up to Michael and the other nephilims to protect her.
Can Michael fight his growing feelings for Claudia and protect her as a guardian angel should? The answer awaits you! Follow the exciting path to Crossroads!

My Thoughts
This was free on Amazon and so I grabbed it while I could. I didn't even read the description, I just saw the cover and went, I am going to get it. The title, the cover, and then the description all in one is just amazing. All I wanted to do was forget about the book I was reading and read this, but I couldn't so once I had the chance to read this, I took it.

Once I got that free time, I read it, and I mean I read it within 24hours. This was a book that after reading just 20%, you just needed to read more. The storyline and the way it flowed was amazing, I loved how all of the characters were portrayed, and how each and everyone of them had something different about them. The style of the writing I easy to understand and is loved how the prologue and the epilogue was told by some-ones else prospective to give the book a better idea of what is happening. The POV is mostly focused on Claudia because of her being the main character.

Claudia being the main female character of the book has been living a normal life, apart from in her dreams. She has friends and she loves her Mum and Gran. When she finds out one of her friends has died in an accident she is upset, but then she dreams of being somewhere, and that's when she meets Michael. She always thinks these are just dreams but then she finds out the whole truth later on in the book. I love her character so much because she would do anything to live a normal life just like she has been. She is a smart and nice girl and her love for her family is just amazing.
Michael is a nephilim, a half angel and half angel, he has known about Claudia for his whole life but he couldn't see or speak to her when she was dreaming. I love his character and how he learns to love and care for her, he doesn't care if it means he will get trouble.
Aden is the main big,bad evil guy, though we don't see much of him throughout the book, but when you do its only to kidnap, hurt, use and kill Claudia. When he was mentioned or spoke in the book I actually felt a shiver run through my body, with just thinking he would do anything to get her. He does more throughout the book and then the end, he steeps even lower. I hated him throughout the whole book, but I mean all books have those bad guys who just ain't likeable, but then you are glad they are around.
There is many more characters which makes this book an amazing read.

My overall opinion of this book is that I loved this so much and I liked how the romance in this book progressed instead of just happening straight away.I also loved how the book just kept me reading until I finshed and then once I finished I just wanted more. This is one of my Favourite books this year.
I recommend this book to anyone who loved angels, love and great good and bad guys. Also if you are a big fan of YA, then you should definitely read this book. I want to congratulate Mary Ting for writing such an amazing book.


Monday, 23 January 2012

The Cover Wars: Under the Never Sky

Rea of Rea's Reading and Reviews and I decided to get together to do a weekly meme where we would compare covers of the UK editions of books with those of the US editions.
The aim of this is to just have a bit of fun. We put ourselves in the position where we see both of these books side by side in the bookstore. Which would we choose? Why that one and not the other?

This week, we will be comparing the UK and US covers of Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi because Rea has told me it's amazing. I have read the description and it sound great. 

The First book is the US version and the Second one is the UK version. 

Tara says: I first saw both of these covers at around the same time without actually knowing anything about the book and I didn't really know which one looked better.Afterwards I read description and then looked at them both again. I feel the US version is very captivating and bold. When I see it all I see is a girl and the title in a beautiful way. With the UK version, it's very pink and I feel that this may put off male readers. Also, it isn't as bold as the US version and there are a lot of books out there with the boy and the girl on the front cover. I love a change so I am going with the US version.

Rea says: I've read this book now (obviously!), so that may make me somewhat partial. The US cover is the first one I saw and I was definitely drawn to it. When I saw the UK one later I suspect I was drawn to how it’s white and pink – one of my favourite colour combos. However, now that I’ve read it, Perry (the guy) doesn’t seem right to me. Also, if you see the US one close up, the words “Never Sky” actual
actually look like they have little stars on them, which is pretty cool! The US version also instils a sense of drama and adventure. I’m going with US this week.


Week 1:     US: 1    UK: 0    Draw: 0

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review of Roderick Blackwood & The Demon Stone by Ralph Rathbone

When magician Roderick Blackwood puts on a show of his magical abilities for his friend, he attracts the attention of a demon named Belzial. Belzial forces him to go on a quest for a magical stone which was stolen by a rogue sorcerer. Roderick must face-off against many magical creatures and dangerous supernatural situations on his journey, and as his quest progresses, he comes to learn a shocking truth about himself and his place in the world.

My Thoughts 
As the two reviews before this, I was asked by the author to read this and I am always up to reading anything. I feel this cover is very boring and not interesting at all. Luckily the description and the title kept me interested in the book.

First things first, I managed to read it all even though the format on my kindle made the writing huge, spaced out and very annoying. I felt the book lacked a proper introduction, because I felt confused when it just zoomed straight into the storyline. The storyline is very interesting and I liked how the plot was going, but it lacked a lot of work. I felt very confused because one minute they were one place and then next minute they were somewhere else. Also there was spelling errors and some confused me.

Roderick is the main character and he shows of his powers which attracts a demon called Belzial. He has to help the demon Belzial. Roderick does everything he can to do what he said to do and throughout the book loses people he likes and almost loses someone else. I feel he was a good character but lacked a lot of things.
I can't think of much to say about any more characters apart from Belzial the demon who seems like a mean guy.
I felt the characters needed a lot of work to do as I was confused on who was who and what there role was in the book.
I loved the ending I think the ending was the best part and if there is a second one I would be willing to read it.

My overall opinion is that I liked this book but it could of been improved a lot. Ralph Rathbone has did a great job.
I would recommend this book to people who likes a book about finding your true-self.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Review of The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake (The Kahl'Nar Saga, #1) by Mary Parker

The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake (The Kahl'Nar Saga, #1)Description
I'm a normal teenager. I have a normal teenage life with normal teenage problems. The summer is my heaven. I live with my mom during the summer months. We stay in her tiny condo in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents split up when I was little. I'm not sure why. My mom never talks about it. Whatever it was, it was bad enough to make my mom pack me up in the middle of the night when I was four years old and run to my Gran's condo. My mom got the condo after Gran died. From that time on all I had known my entire life was beach life. Until four years ago. Until my uncle found me.

My Thoughts
I got contacted by the Author asking whether I would like to read and then review this book and I said yes because the cover, the description and the title well.. it kinda helped make my decision on reading it.. and the fact I give almost anything a try. The cover is of a girl which I guessed straight away will be the main character Leeowyn Blake and also the necklace which is shining bright shows me its an important object of some sort. The description ends with Until my uncle found me, and that's when I went.. but.. what happens now.

After I read a few chapters I was glued to the book, as Leeowyn was wanting to know stuff and wanting to find out information, so did I. The plot and storyline is so interesting and thought provoking, I felt the author put a lot of thought to make this into an interesting story and it kept me reading until I finished the book. The pace of this book is a good one, because every chapter you found out something more until it built up to the moment you find out everything and then it gets even better. The POV is normally around Leeowyn but it sometimes changed to other characters for us to understand the plot and what is happening better.

Leeowyn as the main character the book is mainly focused on her, I love her and how she tried to get to the bottom of everything, but also didn't want to keep asking what is happening. After living with her mum for a long time, it was a shock for her but then .. she knew it would happen one day to live with her fathers family. She is a loveable and brave girl who tries to be an individual, and makes her own choices. I can't wait to see how she develops in the second book.
Uncle Cyle is the one who changes everything for Leeowyn, he is the one who turned up on her doorstep to tell her something and then mention about her fathers family and how she should visit them and stay with them, and that is when she decides to spend her summer with her mum and her winter with Uncle Cyle. Uncle Cyle to me seems a mysterious yet loving character who only wants to help Leeowyn and protect her, he sometimes acted mean and selfish but then sometimes acted like a father to her, which is good.
Peach is a very hyperactive girl who is very mysterious and weird, all she wants to do is distract Leeowyn from asking question about what's going on and why is everyone keeping secrets from her. But deep down Peach really does like Leeowyn and wants to be friends with her, and she hates that she has to keep this a secret.
Alex is the guy which to Leeowyn seems to just stumble across her, and instantly likes her and wants to spend time with her, but then as the reader we see the true reason, the same reason why Peach was trying to distract her, so does Alex, but as Peach actually likes her.. I honestly know Alex does to. To me he is a nice guy and tried to tell her things, which no-one else tried. He would never let her be hurt, which tells me he more than likes me but that's my opinion.
With all 3 Characters they all care for her and want what's best, but I feel they could of handled it better, and maybe even slowly told her the truth about her, instead of waiting.

My overall opinion of this book is I liked it a lot and I thank Mary Parker for asking me to read and review this for an honest review.
I recommend people to read this if you like YA and like a good story.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review of Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde (Bedeviled 1) by Suz Korb

Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde (Bedeviled 1)Description
Kidnapped by a vampire, epically farted on by a pug and dragged through the pits of Hell. Welcome to Eve Eden’s world in the small and strange town of Twin Forest.
Eve has goals. She has dreams and ambitions that don’t involve staying in this weird, podunk town. When supernatural forces collide and drop her into the heart of England, she’s not exactly pleased. When Eve said she wanted to get the heck out of dodge, she didn’t mean getting transported into a torture chamber inside the dungeon of an actual castle.
Damned souls rising from the depths of Hell. Her body’s sudden ability to heal quickly from wounds. Resisting her inexplicable attraction to a vampire who’s been sent to kill her. Can life get any worse for Eve? Apparently it can, because just around the corner at Twin Forest’s cemetery…
waits the zombie horde.

My thoughts
I was asked by the Author to read this and I said yes because I like giving Authors feed back on their books, I mean the description is good and also the cover is very intriguing so that helped a lot to accept reading it. Not only does the cover and description help .. but also the title.. Its a very interesting and unusual title and your thinking,... yes I want to read that. This look like it will involve power.... evil... vampires and Zombies, oh and a 'normal' girl.

The first few chapters were not my usual read and I was very confused, and for a few seconds I thought lets put it down but I read a few more lines and then I was like YES I'm reading this to the very end. I felt being kept in the dark for most of it was good and bad. The good part of it was I felt what Eve felt, and that helped me grow to like her. The bad part was I really wanted to know what was happening and why etc., but I wasn't being told and I was like please tell me. The style of writing was easy to follow and the POV didn't change between characters and stayed on the main character Eve. This book was funny at times which made me laugh out loud.

I am only going to talk about Eve... and the vampire and the cute pug.
Eve is the main character and has a kind of normal life until now, that is when a necklace and few strange things happens changes her life for ever. She is a funny, confused girl who made me giggle, I love how she went on with everything without even knowing she's doing the right thing. Eve doesn't like being in trouble, but in this book cant help but get into trouble, if its not by a vampire.. then its zombies.
The vampire which has a name but not until later on so I wont spoil it, is sometimes funny but then sometimes I didn't like him. When you find out why he kidnaps her, all you can do is feel sorry for not only Eve but him also. I think if he were in it more I would of loved this even better.
Now, the reason why I want to talk about a pug (dog) for is because he just made me laugh even more than Eve, he did random things at random times and it just helped keep me glued to the book and brought happy tears to my eyes.
There is more characters including bad ones and good ones, but I didn't like some of them because they are the reason why Eve was kept in the dark for so long.

My overall opinion of this book is I am glad the Author contacted me to read this because I really enjoyed it and I really cant wait to read the second one.
I recommend this book to people who don't mind being kept in the dark in times and who loves a zombie/vampire book.


Guest Review of Pearl of China by Anchee Min

My screen name is Harker and I'm a 16 year old student from Sunderland, England (same place as where  Tara did live). My blog is Vandasamur and I started blogging in September. I obviously post book reviews and also music, film and game reviews. I read mainly adult books but sometimes delve into YA fiction. I also created the banner for this blog! My blog isn't doing too good and I really enjoy blogging, so please check out my posts!

In the small southern town of Chin-kiang, two young girls from very different worlds collide and become inseparable companions. Willow is hardened by poverty and fearful for her future; Pearl is the daughter of a Christian missionary who desperately wishes she was Chinese too. Neither could have foreseen the transformation of the little American girl embarrassed by her blonde hair into the Nobel Prize-winning writer and one of China's modern heroines, Pearl S. Buck.
When the country erupts in civil war between the Nationalists and the Communists, Pearl's family is forced to flee the country and Willow is punished for her loyalty to her 'cultural imperialist' friend. And yet, in the face of everything that threatens to tear them apart, the paths of these two women remain intimately entwined.

My Thoughts
The plot of this book was incredibly engaging; I was glued to reading and couldn't put it down. I usually read at least two chapters a day, but with this book I was reading six chapters a day. The first chapter is quite slow, since it simply sets the scene, introduces characters and gives a back story. It does speed up by the second chapter. Some moments in the novel were incredibly tense, especially the Nanking Massacre scene. The tension and suspense of the story made the book even more enjoyable. I love it when a book has me on edge and this book achieved that perfectly.

Out of all the characters, I loved Willow the most (she narrates the novel and is the main character). I love how she is able to stand up for herself in times when it is incredibly likely that she will be killed. I like strong female characters and the way Min had written her shows that women can be strong and not depend on their husbands at all times. I liked how she never lets her friendship with Pearl waste away and die or reject her to save herself.

Since Pearl was actually a real person, my opinions of her might not be true. But, she also appears to be a strong female character, although she is a little bit fragile, especially where her daughter Carol is concerned (Carol has phenylketonuria, so she is classified as being mentally retarded). I found it quite sad that she doesn't have a strong bond with her father, who is too busy doing "God's work" but her persistence and determination is admirable.

Madame Mao (Jiang Qing) has been written to be quite a vile creature. She is her husband's advisor, believes that she is one of the most important people in China and that she is married to a God. The way she treats people is, I consider, to be completely unacceptable. It's almost as if she has a complete disregard for human life.

Absalom, Pearl's father, infuriated me at a few points. He's a Presbyterian pastor and manages to convert the entire town of Chin-kiang. Usually, I wouldn't mind that but it's the way he does about it. All Christians believe that you must put God before everything, but completely abandoning and ignoring your family for God is quite bad. He was quite an annoying character, in my opinion.

I loved the backdrop of rural China. It seemed the lot more peaceful than the cities featured in the novel (Beijing and Nanjing). I found it interesting to read about how China transitioned from being an Imperialist country to the Communist state is is today and its effect on the Chinese people. For some reason I pictures Nanjing (called Nanking in the novel) to be quite a small city and even a bit on the rural side. All of the settings are described beautifully and are given a good image of what they would have looked like in the early 20th century.

I'm not really a fan of religious and political themes, but that's mainly because books with those themes have the intention of converting the reader or persuading them to follow a revolution of some sort. However, the two themes tie in very well here as it shows how people were not able to think for themselves and those who did would be persecuted for it. I was actually quite appalled at how Mao brainwashed his followers (especially children into believing that he was their God and that anyone who is not Chinese or doesn't support the Communist Party is the enemy. Above all that, the theme of friendship stands out the most and I felt that that was the most important one.

I really liked Min's writing style. She doesn't beat around the bush too much with fancy descriptions or add too many pathetic fallacies (which I actually like when they're used properly) or even start her chapters in an annoying repetitive style. Her descriptions are beautiful and the imagery is fascinating. You really get a good picture of what the landscapes look like.

I really enjoyed this book. The writing style is beautiful and quite a few of the characters are likeable. I haven't read many books about China or read anything about Pearl S. Buck and this was an incredibly enjoyable read.


Thank you for being my second Guest post :)

If anyone wants to be a guest blogger all you have to do is contact me by email :)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Review of Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter #3) by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter, #3)Description 
Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover, the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael, have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evil…
A vampire has attacked a girls’ school—the assault one of sheer, vicious madness—and it is only the first act. Rampant bloodlust takes vampire after vampire, threatening to make the streets run with blood. Then Raphael himself begins to show signs of an uncontrolled rage, as inexplicable storms darken the city skyline and the earth itself shudders. The omens are suddenly terrifyingly clear.
An ancient and malevolent immortal is rising. The violent winds whisper her name: Caliane. She has returned to reclaim her son, Raphael. Only one thing stands in her way: Elena, the consort who must be destroyed…

*This is an adult book and may contain strong language and does contain sex*

My Thoughts 
I finally bought this with a part of my Nana's Christmas money so I got it in time for it to be wrapped up and put under the tree. After reading the first two one after each other I was glued to the series only to discover my sister gave the third one away.. so I had to wait to get this book. The cover shows me Elena I think who is one of the main characters.. and the description sounds very good, so I'm hoping for a great book like the two before this.

This got me hooked after errm maybe 1 page. I loved the way it just jumped into a storyline with no stopping. The style of writing is easy to follow and the words just flow from the page and into your read making you just wanting to read more. In this book they mention stuff which happened in the books before to help people if they have forgot anything or maybe just to make the storyline flow. You find out interesting new things which keep you asking for more. I was very said when i finished this book knowing that right now the only other book to read doesn't revolve around Elena but Dmitri instead which I may look into reading at some point in my life. The POV changes between Elena and Raphael to make sure we see both sides of the story when Elena and Raphael are not together.

I'm going to talk about the characters I feel are the most important. :)
Elena is the main woman and has been for all 3 books, she has grown and changed through all 3. She used to be just a human who had a natural gift to be able to separate different people.. or vampires or Angels by just scent. I think in the second book is when she became an angel by being her lover Raphael. She is stronger than she was in the second book and is able to fly a lot better and fight. I love Elena a lot and I feel she is such a strong person and I like how she fights along side Raphael knowing she could die.. but knowing her love for him is for more important.
Raphael is the Archangel, who would do anything to protect Elena his lover, he has been in it from the start and I didn't like him much in the first half of the first book.. but how I love him now.. his love for Elena is so.. well I love it. He is a brave, strong character and he tries his best to do what he think sis right , even if it means getting hurt in the process. He also cares about his fellow friends.. Illium, Dmitri.
Illium is an angel.. and he has a past of his own and I would of loved to know more about him but of course this book was mainly focused on Elena and Raphael. He is a loving and caring guy and I liked how he would do anything for Raphael. He is the only one which actually likes or cares about Elena in my opinion.. and even if Elena wasn't with Raphael, I still think he would care and like her.
The last character I'm going to talk about is Dmitri because I feel he deserves to be talked about even though I don't really like him. I feel he is very annoying but deep down I feel he does care .. just a little about Elena though he doesn't show it. He is a vampire which has annoyed me from book 1 when he was annoying Elena. He also would do anything for Raphael, as he did swear an oath of some sort.
The book is full of familiar faces but also new ones which will make this book a very good book, also the sex scenes are very interesting and actually makes the story a lot more interesting, and without them I think the book would of been boring and shorter.

My overall opinion of this book is that I loved it very much and I'm sad that this is kind of the last book.... though there is a 4th on in the series but it is about Dmitri - Archangel's Blade.
I loved every little bit of this book and that is why I have rated it 5 stars :)
I recommend this book to people who have read the 2 before and to adults who like a good vampire.. angel book.


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