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Review of Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde (Bedeviled 1) by Suz Korb

Eve Eden vs. the Zombie Horde (Bedeviled 1)Description
Kidnapped by a vampire, epically farted on by a pug and dragged through the pits of Hell. Welcome to Eve Eden’s world in the small and strange town of Twin Forest.
Eve has goals. She has dreams and ambitions that don’t involve staying in this weird, podunk town. When supernatural forces collide and drop her into the heart of England, she’s not exactly pleased. When Eve said she wanted to get the heck out of dodge, she didn’t mean getting transported into a torture chamber inside the dungeon of an actual castle.
Damned souls rising from the depths of Hell. Her body’s sudden ability to heal quickly from wounds. Resisting her inexplicable attraction to a vampire who’s been sent to kill her. Can life get any worse for Eve? Apparently it can, because just around the corner at Twin Forest’s cemetery…
waits the zombie horde.

My thoughts
I was asked by the Author to read this and I said yes because I like giving Authors feed back on their books, I mean the description is good and also the cover is very intriguing so that helped a lot to accept reading it. Not only does the cover and description help .. but also the title.. Its a very interesting and unusual title and your thinking,... yes I want to read that. This look like it will involve power.... evil... vampires and Zombies, oh and a 'normal' girl.

The first few chapters were not my usual read and I was very confused, and for a few seconds I thought lets put it down but I read a few more lines and then I was like YES I'm reading this to the very end. I felt being kept in the dark for most of it was good and bad. The good part of it was I felt what Eve felt, and that helped me grow to like her. The bad part was I really wanted to know what was happening and why etc., but I wasn't being told and I was like please tell me. The style of writing was easy to follow and the POV didn't change between characters and stayed on the main character Eve. This book was funny at times which made me laugh out loud.

I am only going to talk about Eve... and the vampire and the cute pug.
Eve is the main character and has a kind of normal life until now, that is when a necklace and few strange things happens changes her life for ever. She is a funny, confused girl who made me giggle, I love how she went on with everything without even knowing she's doing the right thing. Eve doesn't like being in trouble, but in this book cant help but get into trouble, if its not by a vampire.. then its zombies.
The vampire which has a name but not until later on so I wont spoil it, is sometimes funny but then sometimes I didn't like him. When you find out why he kidnaps her, all you can do is feel sorry for not only Eve but him also. I think if he were in it more I would of loved this even better.
Now, the reason why I want to talk about a pug (dog) for is because he just made me laugh even more than Eve, he did random things at random times and it just helped keep me glued to the book and brought happy tears to my eyes.
There is more characters including bad ones and good ones, but I didn't like some of them because they are the reason why Eve was kept in the dark for so long.

My overall opinion of this book is I am glad the Author contacted me to read this because I really enjoyed it and I really cant wait to read the second one.
I recommend this book to people who don't mind being kept in the dark in times and who loves a zombie/vampire book.


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