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Review of The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past Memories by Alexandra Lanc

The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past MemoriesDescription 
IT starts on a cold night, before best friends Terren and Aura are to be separated forever. During a late trip to the meadow, the girls are attacked by otherworldly creatures, and an evil plot begins to unfold...
Terren: discovers she's not who she thought she was, and that she is being hunted by a monster more terrifying than her worst imaginings.
Aura: is faced with a truth she's been trying to run from, lies she'd been trying to keep hidden, and an old acquaintance that keeps coming back.
Can the horrible truth be confronted, or will they be swallowed by the shadows of the past?

My Thoughts
I don't think i would of found this book if i didn't get to know the author of this book on twitter. The description sounds great and even the cover of the book looks quite good.

I turn my kindle on.. read the first chapter and I am into it, all I want to do is read it all and that's what I did, I read most of it in two days I think. I loved how the start just got you asking questions in your head which you want answered and for them to be answered you have to read on. The author this book managed to put together an amazing book full of twists and turns and a great plot which I thought was well thought of. The only thing which I didn't like was the amount of characters there was and two of the characters have similar names and I got a little confused. The POV changed to many character but I preferred when it was either from Terren's POV or Aura's POV.

There is many characters in this book but because I have left this review later than I should have because of my cold my memory has failed me. So I will talk about the two main girls in this book.
Terren thinks she has had the most normal life ever until strange things happen in this book which makes her realise that most of her life was a lie and a terrible lie at that. In this book she develops strength and Knowledge and she is a likeable character in this book. She is brave and loveable.
Aura is a weird character to me, I didn't really like her until later on in the book. Aura from the start is hiding something and all I wanted for her to do was just spill. I liked how not only was the book about Terren but also about Aura, they both find love in this book which leads me into introducing two more characters. :)
The two main male characters in this book is Ikura and Firo. These become very important in the book for both Terren and Aura as they are the ones which helps them out a lot in this book. I like both guys for different reasons.
As I said before, there is many more characters including the evil ones, sorry I can't talk about them all.

My Overall opinion on this book is I loved this very much and it was so close to get the full 5 stars :)
I JUST want to say please if anyone has some money just to spend it on buying this on kindle :)

I just want to thank Alexandra Lanc for talking to me on twitter and because of that I read a great book :)



  1. Aw, thanks! I loved the review, and am so glad that you enjoyed the book. Thanks for reading! :)


  2. No problem :)

    It was great :)



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