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Review of The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake (The Kahl'Nar Saga, #1) by Mary Parker

The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake (The Kahl'Nar Saga, #1)Description
I'm a normal teenager. I have a normal teenage life with normal teenage problems. The summer is my heaven. I live with my mom during the summer months. We stay in her tiny condo in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents split up when I was little. I'm not sure why. My mom never talks about it. Whatever it was, it was bad enough to make my mom pack me up in the middle of the night when I was four years old and run to my Gran's condo. My mom got the condo after Gran died. From that time on all I had known my entire life was beach life. Until four years ago. Until my uncle found me.

My Thoughts
I got contacted by the Author asking whether I would like to read and then review this book and I said yes because the cover, the description and the title well.. it kinda helped make my decision on reading it.. and the fact I give almost anything a try. The cover is of a girl which I guessed straight away will be the main character Leeowyn Blake and also the necklace which is shining bright shows me its an important object of some sort. The description ends with Until my uncle found me, and that's when I went.. but.. what happens now.

After I read a few chapters I was glued to the book, as Leeowyn was wanting to know stuff and wanting to find out information, so did I. The plot and storyline is so interesting and thought provoking, I felt the author put a lot of thought to make this into an interesting story and it kept me reading until I finished the book. The pace of this book is a good one, because every chapter you found out something more until it built up to the moment you find out everything and then it gets even better. The POV is normally around Leeowyn but it sometimes changed to other characters for us to understand the plot and what is happening better.

Leeowyn as the main character the book is mainly focused on her, I love her and how she tried to get to the bottom of everything, but also didn't want to keep asking what is happening. After living with her mum for a long time, it was a shock for her but then .. she knew it would happen one day to live with her fathers family. She is a loveable and brave girl who tries to be an individual, and makes her own choices. I can't wait to see how she develops in the second book.
Uncle Cyle is the one who changes everything for Leeowyn, he is the one who turned up on her doorstep to tell her something and then mention about her fathers family and how she should visit them and stay with them, and that is when she decides to spend her summer with her mum and her winter with Uncle Cyle. Uncle Cyle to me seems a mysterious yet loving character who only wants to help Leeowyn and protect her, he sometimes acted mean and selfish but then sometimes acted like a father to her, which is good.
Peach is a very hyperactive girl who is very mysterious and weird, all she wants to do is distract Leeowyn from asking question about what's going on and why is everyone keeping secrets from her. But deep down Peach really does like Leeowyn and wants to be friends with her, and she hates that she has to keep this a secret.
Alex is the guy which to Leeowyn seems to just stumble across her, and instantly likes her and wants to spend time with her, but then as the reader we see the true reason, the same reason why Peach was trying to distract her, so does Alex, but as Peach actually likes her.. I honestly know Alex does to. To me he is a nice guy and tried to tell her things, which no-one else tried. He would never let her be hurt, which tells me he more than likes me but that's my opinion.
With all 3 Characters they all care for her and want what's best, but I feel they could of handled it better, and maybe even slowly told her the truth about her, instead of waiting.

My overall opinion of this book is I liked it a lot and I thank Mary Parker for asking me to read and review this for an honest review.
I recommend people to read this if you like YA and like a good story.


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