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Review of The Black Magician Trilogy 1-3 by Trudi Canavan

****Warning : Only read this if you have read all 3 books.. or don't mind :)***

The Magicians' Guild (Black Magician Trilogy, #1)


This year, like every other, the magicians of Imardin gather to purge the city of undesirables. Cloaked in the protection of their sorcery, they move with no fear of the vagrants and miscreants who despise them and their work—until one enraged girl, barely more than a child, hurls a stone at the hated invaders . . . and effortlessly penetrates their magical shield.

What the Magicians' Guild has long dreaded has finally come to pass. There is someone outside their ranks who possesses a raw power beyond imagining, an untrained mage who must be found and schooled before she destroys herself and her city with a force she cannot yet control.

The Novice (Black Magician Trilogy, #2)


Alone among all the novices in the Magicians' Guild, only Sonea comes from lowly beginnings. Yet she has won powerful allies—including Lord Dannyl, newly promoted to Guild Ambassador. But Dannyl must now depart for the Elyne court, leaving Sonea at the mercy of the lies and malicious rumors her enemies are busy spreading . . . until the High Lord Akkarin steps in. The price of Akkarin's support is dear, however, because Sonea, in turn, must protect his mysteries—and a secret that could lead a young novice mage deep into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Dannyl's first order to resume High Lord Akkarin's long-abandoned research into ancient magical knowledge is setting him on an extraordinary journey fraught with unanticipated peril—as he moves ever-closer to a future both wondrous . . . and terrible.

The High Lord (Black Magician Trilogy, #3)
Sonea has learned much since she was but a penniless urchin possessing an awesome untapped ability. She has earned the grudging respect of her fellow novices and a place in the Magicians' Guild. But there is much she wishes she had never learned—what she witnessed, for example, in the underground chamber of the mysterious High Lord Akkarin . . . and the knowledge that the Guild is being observed closely by an ancient fearsome enemy.
Still, she dares not ignore the terrifying truths the High Lord would share with her, even though she fears it may be base trickery, a scheme to use her astonishing powers to accomplish his dark aims. For Sonea knows her future is in his hands—and that only in the shadows will she achieve true greatness . . . if she survives.

I decided to do this is a whole because I felt it really hard to do it separately and because I read it one after each other so everything has kind of linked together.. so I felt that I may of spoiled something in the first 2 books.

Theses books are amazing and that's the reason why I read them so quickly :D

Trudi Canavan is such a great and amazing writer, the way she can do emotions from both female and male so amazing and how she made sure all characters had flaws and they weren't so perfect. If I could, I would chose for her to re write some of the books I have read, because she is that good.

Sonea is the main Character in all 3 and she is such a brave, strong and believable character :D

This book has magic.. evil.. and goodness
Love, romance and a little of betrayal

If you have read Harry Potter or other books which contains magic then give all 3 of these ago :D

My fave book out of all of these is The High Lord , my least is The Magicians' Guild :D

The Magicians' Guild: 4 STARS 
The Novice: 5 STARS 
The High Lord: 5 STARS 

Tara :D


  1. I cried buckets at the end... I wanted to kill Trudi Canavan :)

  2. Yeah i know.. it was such a sad but yet good ending :)


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