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Review of Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1)
Elena Michaels is your regular twenty-first-century girl: self-assured, smart and fighting fit. She also just happens to be the only female werewolf in the world...

It has some good points. When she walks down a dark alleyway, she's the scary one. But now her Pack - the one she abandoned so that she could live a normal life - are in trouble, and they need her help. Is she willing to risk her life to help the ex-lover who betrayed her by turning her into a werewolf in the first place? And, more to the point, does she have a choice?

*This is an adult book and contains sex and strong language*

My Thoughts 
My sister has had these for a while and because its an adult book I couldn't really read it until a certain age.. hence why I'm them now :D. The cover lured me in and the description helped a lot. There is so many covers out there with the characters at the front.. this is different.

The book was Amazing. There wasn't to many sex scenes thank god. It was mostly the plot and action, which was great. I love books with werewolves and this impressed me so much. The writing style of this book is great and it is very descriptive. The writing was small but I got used to it after a few chapters because I was glued into the book (Not literally lol). The POV was mainly on Elena who is the main character in this book.

There is many characters in this book but the main one is the one I mentioned just now. Elena Michaels is not your regular women.. nope she's a werewolf, the only werewolf which is around because werewolf genes is only passes on to sons unless bitten and when your bitten you may not survive. She's a strong willed women/werewolf and she tries to make the right decisions though some aren't so great. She willing to try anything to help her life.. but some things are just.. out of your hand as you see in the book. Clayton is another main character who is a werewolf.. and he has a history with Elena which you find out in the book (not gonna spoil it). He is strong, feisty, hot and is protective. I love him so much and I never ever want to forget this character. Jeremy is the pack alpha which means he's in charge of the pack which Clay and (kind of) Elena is part of. He is such a kind and Understanding guy but I feel some decisions he makes are stupid and I feel that Elena or another character should of been alpha, but other than that he's a great werewolf and character and he's just got that spark which I love.

My overall opinion on which you could probaly guess is that i loved this with a passion and i never ever want to forget this book :) I think this is like one of my top ten books ever and maybe the Number 1 book in this month :)
I recocmend this book to Adult reader or who reads Adult books and if they love Werewolfs :D (I mean it .. Get a copy).




  1. Kelley Armstrong is amazing, I totally agree. Even better, the Otherworld universe sprawls across something like twenty books, and they're all about powerful girls and women!

  2. Yep :) I heard about that :D My sister has some of them :-D

  3. I love this series Tara! And its almost "done" too - next year is supposedly the last book is coming out. I haven't read Spellbound yet - which just came out this year - but I'm all caught up til this most recent release.
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  4. Yeah :P My sister has some.. not all. and she gave one away.. so have to try and find it and buy it. :P


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