Sunday, 10 July 2011

Review of If I Could Fly by Jill Hucklesby

If I Could FlyDescription
Tender and deeply moving, "If I Could Fly" is an unputdownable novel with real heart. It will keep you guessing until the final page. Calypso Summer. Yeah, that really is my name. 'A girl with such a name is on a journey. She will have adventures,' my mother used to murmur in my ear. And I now I am on a journey. I'm running from something terrible - but I don't know what. It's like my brain has blocked it out. For now, I'm learning to survive: to break the System and not get caught. I've found a friend I can trust. Next stop, freedom. Somehow, somewhere..."If I Could Fly" is a story you'll never forget.

My Thoughts
This book, was completely different to any book i have read, and i thought at first i was not going to like it..
To start of with i was confused on what was happening, but slowly i realised and then from then on i loved it, and i just wanted to finish it..
It really did keep me guessing, until, the last page..
We don't know what happened to Calypso, and we really want to know, why is she on the run, why is she injured..
The Characters in this book, is so confusing, and there isn't that many, its mainly Calypso, and about what she went through..
This books was amazing, and I'm so sure, more people out there will enjoy this like i did...
I Will Never forget this book :)

Rating: **** (It would of been more, if not for the start)

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