Saturday, 2 July 2011

Review of Betrayal (Dark Touch #4) by Amy Meredith

Betrayal (Dark Touch #4)Description
A hot new boyfriend. Prom just round the corner. And not a demon in sight ...Things have never been better for Eve Evergold, Deepdene's kick-ass witch. But when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. An evil far greater than Eve has ever known is at work in Deepdene - and it's hell-bent on turning her closest friends against her. This time, it looks like Eve is going to have to face her demons alone...

My thoughts
Once again, the dark touch novel is back, and its back even better, Eve, Jess and Luke, is once again, frighting demons, but its different this time, its crazier than ever, and can anyone trust anyone.
Witch the socking discover from the end of the last book with Eve being part demon, does that mean she has an evil streak, or not.
The people who found out this, do something which makes her angry, and then form there a women manipulates her friends which makes her fight on her own, will she survive this one, or not??
This book, is a never ending twists and turns, and its amazing.
3 things to say:
1) What was it with the animals, that's a bit sick, to me, especially the rabbits :(
2) I loved it
3) I wish you could continue this forever :)

Rating:  *****


  1. Greetings Tara:
    I found you through bloggers world on facebook. I will add you to my blog. Nice review. Fabulous that you will soon be in college. Good luck with that. US students go through grade 12. But then the first year isn't counted, it's called kindergarten. Do you review e-books? Let me know.
    N. R. Williams

  2. I dnt have a kindle yet, but, my sister does , so i sometimes borrows hers lol

    Thanks :)


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