Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review of The Eye of the Crystal Ball by T.P. Boje

The Eye of the Crystal Ball
First things first i am so happy i got to read this for free, and got asked by the author to review it, so in which i am :)
This is the first time an author has sent me an email me asking and got a thrill of excitement so if any other authors would like me to review their books i will be happy and willing to do just that :)


When Sara was newborn her parents left her at the doorstep at Mr. and Mrs. Schneider's house. 
When Sara was ten she discovered she was telekinetic. She began to move stuff around when she got angry just by her will alone. 
When Sara was twelve her real parents came for her and took her with them to live like the Gypsy that she was - or Romani as they like to call themselves. They told her she was going to fulfill a prophesy. That it was once said that out of the Romani people the greatest sorceress who had ever lived would be born. 
When Sara was thirteen she had a baby brother and when she was fourteen he got very sick with a strange illness. 
To save her baby-brother Sara sets off on a quest to find his cure - well knowing that it will cost her dearly. 
Soon Sara finds herself going through the Singing Cave, crossing Wild Witches Valley, talking to a ten foot giant snail, rescuing the Beads of Souls from the Hell-hounds, escaping a spell in Vamila, the Forest of Vanity, visiting the king at the City of Lights before she finally reaches the Black Castle where she is told the Eye of the Crystal Ball can tell her how to cure her brother's strange illness. 
But nothing is free in this world - and as Sara soon will know - everything has a price.

My thoughts
This book was great from the start its a totally different book in away which i have read but i am so glad i got the opportunity to read this :)
Sara is the main character and she was left to be looked after by strangers, and at school, people can kind of notice she wasn't like everyone else, and then when she turned 12 her real parents turn up and reveal allot of stuff to her, in which it explains why she was given to different people.
She makes a few friends and she starts to love her family and way of living... but then when her mum has a child, and Sara has a brother she is so happy for him, and then he gets ill, so Sara and someone else goes on a quest to save her brother knowing it will be a very long and hard quest.
This book has magic, creatures, evilness and goodness in it, and i had a great time reading it :)

Thank you T.P.Boje for letting me read this amazing story :)

Rating: *****

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