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Review of A Strange Fire (Florence Vaine, #1) by L.H. Cosway

A Strange Fire (Florence Vaine, #1)Description 
Flo has always had problems. Her stammer prevents her speech and her dad’s abuse makes her life a living hell. Not to mention she sees colours other people don’t.

When her dad decides to ship her off to live with her grandma in the sleepy town of Chesterport, Flo thinks that this is her chance for a better life. But on her very first day at her new school she is ridiculed and laughed at for having a stammer. One student sticks up for her and his name is Frank.

Frank’s body is surrounded by an aura of fire, but Flo is the only one who can see it. He lives in a foster home for troubled teenagers. Flo is drawn to him because he’s different and so is she.

Things are about to get scary, because Chesterport is not your ordinary suburban town. It’s infested by a coven of dark witches who prey on the young and the elderly. Soon Flo discovers that she’s next on their list of victims, and finds herself fighting a battle she never would have imagined possible.

My Thoughts
I was asked to read this by the author, the same author who wrote Tegan's Blood. I have very high hopes for this, as the cover is so wow, very different to other covers I've seen, its well pretty. The title is also very interesting and then the description of the book made me say YES in a heart beat to reading this.

I am so glad I was asked to read this, because I loved it, if you hadn't figured that out from the above words. Well first of all the introduction, the way the scene is set and how the main character was introduced made me want to read it as quick as I can. The storyline is so different to books I have seen. The pace is easy to read and understand. The ideas in this book is so amazing I was blown away with some. You know when you have found an awesome book when you read, read and read until you have read every word in the book. The descriptions of what was happening, and what they could see was so amazingly done. I do not know how L.H Cosway could be this good, because I know for certain if I ever became an author i wouldn't be able to be as good as her. The POV is centred around Flo the main character.

Flo is such an amazing character, she has had a difficult life and it doesn't stop now. I love how she has a secret and she cant tell anyone, she is such a strong character who deserves a better life that what she got. She deals with being with her Gran and starting a new school really well. She copes through things amazingly well and if I were in her shoes, I think I would be in a room on my own ignoring the world and just giving up, but she doesn't, she never gives up and I love that about her. If I had her talent I would be very very confused with myself.
Frank is a great guy, a mysterious guy and overall amazing. I love his affection towards Flo, how he doesn't care about her stammer and that's what makes her, her. He is caring, considerate and to be totally honest im jealous of Flo :).
Gran is so caring, helpful and she honestly likes Flo, but as the book goes on, you will find out more about her, so I'm not even going to go there.
Franks "family" are also really caring and kind, but I hate how they keep Flo in the dark for such a long time, I wouldn't like I if i didn't know certain things.
I really loved all the characters form the ones who didn't play such an important role to the main characters.

My overall opinion of this book is, I LOVED IT! The characters, storyline, everything made it an amazing book.
I recommend this book to the people who loved Tegan's blood, and who loves YA in general :) WOO!

Thank you L.H.Cosway again for letting me read and review this :)


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