Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review of Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery (The Thaneaddus Chronicles #1) by Jennifer Hampton

Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery  (The Thaneaddus Chronicles #1)
In the year 2025, the U.S. is severely suffering, divided over an a military experiment gone terribly wrong, blocking the sun over the entire western coast. Patricia Lowery, a single mother from Detroit decides to make an impulse decision and marries a successful doctor from Banks, Oregon. She pulls her only daughter, Leigh Lowery along into the Dark Coast, disregarding the rumors of monstrous creatures and high murder rate to live a life of wealth, instead of the poverty they left behind. However, with the sunless days, they begin to discover that there is a price to their wealth... Alexander Madden, Bank's high most beautiful, wealthy, and prominent boy in school has taken a fascination to Leigh and quickly pulls her into the world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and many other creatures that have decided to claim the Dark Coast as their home. But he's not the only thing that's taken a fascination to her.
(I'm sorry but I wont be able to make the reviews as long as I would normally)

My Thoughts
My sister read this and loved it, so when I saw it free on amazing I quickly got it. The description sounds brilliant, it seems right up my street on what I like to read. The title seems really intriguing to me, so that also helped me want to read it. The cover, I'm not sure with, its a little to dark and boring maybe. (It's only blurry because its the only picture I could find).

I loved this book, the way I read it so quickly because the words just flew from the pages and into my head. I understood everything that happened. The emotions in this book made me feel just like the main character Leigh feels. She goes through a lot in this book. From being moved somewhere house, starting a new school, making new friends and discovering more about her and what is around her.

I felt like jumping into this book myself to help her out, or to warn her about things that happen. The way this story grabbed me from the start to the finish was amazing :)
The characters in this book was well portrayed and I loved them all :)
Leigha is a wonderful smart  and brave girl. Her mother is interestting and kind. Randy is intriging and kind and Alexander is hot, a mystery to me and I guess nice. 

In my opinion this book was amazing, and if its still free on amazing GO AND GET IT, and even if you have to pay for it..... GO AND GET IT :D
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a short book, with an amazing storyline :)


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