Monday, 8 August 2011

Review of A Sweeter Rhythm by T.L. Peters

A Sweeter RhythmJust want to thank T.L.Peters for letting me read this for free and reviewing it :)
DescriptionThis short story follows the life of a violin as it recounts its many ups and downs over the centuries, changing hands between those who love it and those who don't. This story was previously published by RED OCHRE LiT as A Sweeter Kind of Rhythm.

My Thoughts
Doing this review differently,

Hey, this book isn't the normal type of book I read, and its really short and easy to read :)

When an author asks for me to read a book, I give it a go, and I did, and I read it :)

This book is really good, and the author has put a lot of effort and imagination to it, its all about a Violin, and its shown, with feelings and everything :)

I nearly even cried in it, because it felt so real.

If this was longer, I may of rated it allot higher, but to people who read short stories then this is one for you :)


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