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Review of Howl (Kane Wolves #1) by Annalise Grey

Nineteen year old Sophie Matthews is a line-walker between two worlds - human and werewolf. She lives around humans but is never truly part of their world. That is, until she is spotted by a hiker.
What should have been a passing glance becomes so much more as Sophie falls for the one thing she is forbidden from ever having: a human mate.
Adding to her stress is newcomer Daniel, the arrogant wolf on Sophie's tail.
Then several humans are killed by a mysterious and dangerous beast within the pack's hunting grounds. The humans begin whispering of wolf-men roaming the forest and the threat of discovery looms heavy around the pack.
Everything is falling apart and Sophie realizes just how little control she has over her future.
Will she risk everything - her heart, her family, and her safety - for a chance to control her own fate?

My Thoughts
I heard about this in a group called Basically Books on goodreads which I am part of, as a sort of thing which you can get free copies of a book as long as u read it within a certain time frame and you review it. When I read the description of this book I felt this was straight up my sleeve. All I could think of was, I cant wait to start it. The cover is very pretty and mysterious and it makes me even more excited on reading this. The titles is "howl" and just one word makes you go.. this is going be good.

I really liked this book, I felt the ideas and the concept in the book is good. The storyline is really interesting and I love a good werewolf story. Everything that happened in the book made me want to feel what the others were feeling. There wasn't too much of a certain thing so I felt everything was shared out. The pace of  the story is perfect, so it wasn't too slow and it wasn't too fast. The POV is centred around Sophie.

Sophie is such a likeable girl, I loved her from the start till the end. Throughout the whole book she did what she thought was right, she cared for what others thought of her, but she really wanted to go with her heart instead of doing what everyone wants. She is also very strong, brave and I liked her attitude the whole time.
Jaime is such a sweet, he's caring, lovely and he is just amazing. He reminds me of my bf in some ways. I love his attitude, I love how he understands things thought the book, he isn't pushy and he isn't clingy.
Tristan is caring also, he's Sophie's twin so that understandable. He knows the rules, but he understands why Sophie does what she does, all he wants is his sister to be happy.
Thomas and Gavin are too overprotective, harsh and strict. I know there is pack rules and stuff, so things don't go wrong, but I hate the way they treat Sophie. I can see why they care and that because of being her brothers but still I didn't like it.
Daniel, well I know something was up but didn't know what. I felt he was kind and caring but I didn't want them to be together. No questions about that.
I loved all the other characters as well including the "bad guys". They were all different and they had something unique about themselves.

My overall opinion of this book is, I loved it a lot, but I cant quite put my finger on something which I felt missing. I loved the romance in the book and I also like the WHOLE storyline. I was sad for it too end, and if there is a second, which I hope I cant wait to read that :)
I recommend this book to all people who love wolves in there books, some action, some romance and WHO LOVE YA! :D Brilliant :D



  1. It's great that you loved your first ARR book - may there be many more to come! ^^ It sounds like a fun read but I'm on the wary side (again...) about vamps and wolves in YA lit right now. At least you enjoyed it!

  2. Haha :) Aww thanks :)

    Yeah i love them, im sure you will start reading them once more :) You just have to force urself :) You be surprised :)

  3. I adore the cover!!

    Thank you for such a great review, now i have another book to add to my TBR list. I feel like cuddling up with a good paranormal story and this seemed like a good one.


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