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Review of Flying Blind (The Dragon Diaries #1) by Deborah Cooke

Flying Blind (The Dragon Diaries #1)
Zoë Sorensson is perfectly normal, except she's been told she's destined for great things. Zoë's the one female dragon shapeshifter of her kind. But Zoë is at the bottom of the class when it comes to being Pyr and her powers are AWOL, so she's sent to a Pyr boot camp.

Zoë quickly realizes that she has to master her powers yesterday, because the Pyr are in danger and boot camp is a trap. The Mages want to eliminate all shifters and the Pyr are next in line-unless Zoë and her friends can work together and save their own kind.

My Thoughts
Look at the cover, I love the cover, the dragon part of it is just stunning, the fact she looks like she wants to tell me something and her eyes are so stunning. The title is also very intriguing. The main reason for me to read this was because my sister said it was good and said I could read it. Never say no to a book.

I am glad I didn't say no, because I loved it. From start to finish more stuff kept happening for me to go "I want more, I need more". I think I read the first 2 chapters and then I was like, I am so glad I'm reading this. This book has an interesting storyline, and great ideas thrown into the book. The pace of the book was in an interesting pace and it kept me reading until the very end, and even then I wanted more. The characters in this book are well thought out, and also the emotions in this book was well done. The concept of being a shapeshifter is very interesting (I really want to be a shapeshifter). The POV is focused around the main character Zoë.

Zoë is such a brave and amazing girl, she's known that she's the only female Pyr but she hasn't got any powers ,well none she knows about. In this book she does things which she thinks is right, she solves problems which no others have, and she goes through some hard stuff. She's strong and confident when she needs to be.

Megan is Zoë's friend in school, she's not in this book much, but I feel sorry for her as she cant know what Zoë is.
Nick, Liam, Garrett are Zoë's friends and they are Hot there to go to boot camp too. They play a big part in this book because they help Zoë throughout the book, until something happens and it seems they are turning against her. Out of all of these 3 boys, I preferred Liam, to me he was the kindest and most supportive of Zoë.
Jared at first I wasn't too keen on him, he came out of the blue, and I felt something was wrong, but as i got more into the book I realised he's a nice and kind guy who really does want to help Zoë.
Isabelle to me seemed like a stuck up girl, but as the book went on, I really started to like her. She helps when she can and she is a really nice girl.
Adrian, when I first met him in the book I had warning signs in my head saying "He's trouble". He helps out everyone and they just go along with it thinking that he is meant to be at the book camp but as Zoë discoverers some stuff not everything is at as it seems.
There is more characters including her Dad and many more but I feel this book revolved more around these as they were all at the boot camp and they were all with Zoë. I loved most of the characters even the evil and mean ones.

My overall opinion of this book is, it was amazing and stunning. I loved the whole book. There wasn't a time where I felt it was boring and to have a need to put it down. I read it so quickly because I loved it.
I would recommend this book to EVERYONE who reads YA, who loves a book about dragons or shapeshifter's.


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