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Review of A Vision of Green (Florence Vaine #2) by L.H. Cosway

A Vision of Green (Florence Vaine, #2)
Since moving to Chesterport Flo has discovered new friends and a hidden world.
After spending seventeen years as an Empath, thinking she was either delusional or very, very different, she has found others who are different too. She helped battle a coven of dark witches and watched as their leader got sent to her judgement. All now seems peaceful in her new town, but it's not going to last.

For one, Flo's dad is back on the scene and has taken over her dead grandmother's house with his new girlfriend. Dealing with him makes Flo think that maybe everyday people can be monsters too, as he blackmails her into giving up the one person she needs the most. Secondly, Flo hears a story about strange goings on in the nearby forest, and becomes obsessed with the magical things that might lie in its green depths.

A Vision of Green is the second instalment in the Florence Vaine trilogy, where Flo finds herself yet again immersed in mystery, romance and things that are just a little bit scary. She will come across new adversaries, supernatural and otherwise, discover more about her own identity and grow in ways she had never anticipated.

My Thoughts
I have been looking forward to reading the second in this series, as I enjoyed the first. The author got in touch with me and we arranged a giveaway and for me to receive a free copy of this book, so I am very happy about that. The Description of the book sounds AMAZING, and very interesting. The title "A Vision OF Green" sounds very.. well lets say I really really want to read it now :D.

This book was brilliant, I loved it so much.
I don't really know where to start, well how about the fact it continues straight off from the last book, so there's no extra bits that needs to be filled with "extra" text that you don't really want, so that's a bonus. The book is filled with so much storyline and so many great characters that once you start reading you wont want to stop, well... that's how I felt. The pace of the book is easy to understand and follow and there's nothing missing out at all so you wont get confused in the middle of the story, like I have felt towards other books in the past. The POV is centred around Flo just like the last book, but of the course the stuff happening in this book is very different to the last book :).

The main characters are basically the same as the last book bar 1, but then 1 is now new to the book.
Flo as the main character once again was a very shy and sweet girl in the last book and boy oh boy has she grown up to be more confident, a lot better with her stammer, BRAVER and you know what stronger in so many ways. Through this whole book you can see that she has changed into someone who can deal with the bad stuff better than what she used to. Her abusive father is back now his mother is off the scene and he is just as bad as what he was in the past with Flo. She doesn't want anything bad to happen to her father but she certainly doesn't love him. I really feel for Flo so much in this book, at time I just wanted to jump into the book as an added character and say "Hey, I will help you", but unfortunately that can't happen. ((yet)). Throughout this book she finds more about herself and who she is and she grows even stronger.
Frank was so helpful and kind to Flo when she was new to the school,  I really enjoyed him in the first book a nothing stopped me from liking him in this book. He loves and cares so deeply for Flo, and will not stop at anything to protect her, but when she tells him to let her deal with stuff on her own, he eventually allows that. If you ever found a guy like him in real life, don't ever let him go.
Flo's Father is a horrible man and I hate him with all of my heart, as soon as he arrives in Chesterport he takes control of the house, and also Flo. He is a drunk and very distasteful. He bosses Flo around and thinks he can do what he likes, when he likes. I'm not really going to say more to that apart from, he tries to ruin Flo's relationship with Frank.
Franks Family is very supportive and caring just like they were in the last book, you also get to know about there lives and stuff, and its just very interesting reading the book when you see how good of a family it is.
The other characters in the book play really good roles in the book as well but not enough for me to harp on about it. Without the other characters though.. it wouldn't be a story right?.

My overall opinion of this book is it was so amazing, and I really enjoyed and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!! till the next one of this series :) .
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I really would recommend you try these books out, if you love YA and fantasy kind of book :) OR you like to read and try out all things :D

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