Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review of Creep by Jennifer Hillier

If he can’t have her . . .

Dr. Sheila Tao is a professor of psychology. An expert in human behaviour. And when she began an affair with sexy, charming graduate student Ethan Wolfe, she knew she was playing with fire. Consumed by lust when they were together, riddled with guilt when they weren't  she knows the three-month fling with her teaching assistant has to end. After all, she’s finally engaged to a kind and loving investment banker who adores her, and she’s taking control of her life. But when she attempts to end the affair, Ethan Wolfe won’t let her walk away.

. . . no one else can.

Ethan has plans for Sheila, plans that involve posting a sex video that would surely get her fired and destroy her prestigious career. Plans to make her pay for rejecting him. And as she attempts to counter his every threatening move without her colleagues or her fiancée discovering her most intimate secrets, a shattering crime rocks Puget Sound State University: a female student, a star athlete, is found stabbed to death. Someone is raising the stakes of violence, sex, and blackmail . . . and before she knows it, Sheila is caught in a terrifying cat-and-mouse game with the lover she couldn’t resist—who is now the monster who won’t let her go.

My Thoughts

Don't normally go for Mystery/Thriller books but... THIS was a kind of thing where you get drawn to a book, read the blurb and you just have to buy it, but then you realise you don't have the money so you get your boyfriend too :D So thanks to him I have this. The blurb sounds so.. wow.. in a way like.. I have a feeling I will either love it, or hate it not like in between. The title "Creep", well come on, if your not drawn to the book by that, then look at the cover.. HANDCUFFS.. I mean.. who doesn't get drawn to a book with handcuffs on...unless its for.. something entirely different to what it actually errm means. *cough cough*. Overall my pre-thoughts of this book is very good and I can't wait to read it.

WOOP! I am so glad I bought this book, it was amazing, and I'm the happiest girl ever that my boyfriend bought me this as without him I wouldn't of read this captivating amazing book. The storyline is the most un-real but real storyline ever which just makes you wanted more with every page you turn and I was practically of my seat half the time I was reading it. This book is very easy to read and understand and just.. its amazing. The POV is centred around Dr. Sheila Tao and Her fiancée and sometimes with a private detective of some sort.

Dr. Sheila is the main character in this book, and I really like her strength and but then I hate the fact she started cheating on her partner. I like her personality and she doesn't deserve anything that happens to her in this book. Her partner is a really great and fantastic bloke, because throughout this no matter what got flung his way he tried to deal with it the correct and right way.. well not always the right way but the way he knew was right for him to complete what he wanted to complete. The characters in this book are very well portrayed and I really enjoyed them all.

My overall opinion of this book is, it was blooming fantastic and I am so glad that my mind wanted me to get the book.
I would recommend this book to all thriller lovers or if you try any book out.


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