Friday, 11 November 2011

Review of Too Far by Rich Shapero

Too FarDescription 
Rich Shapero’s Too Far follows a pair of ultra-imaginative six-year-olds, Robbie and Fristeen, through a transformative summer spent exploring the woods behind their remote Alaskan homes. As their family lives become increasingly unstable, the children travel deeper and farther into their private world. The forest—and the gods who inhabit it—becomes their refuge until, at summer’s end, they are forced to choose between the crushing prospects of the real world, and the lethal demands of their ideal one.

My Thoughts 
The first thing I want to say is that this was for free.. random people were giving out these with a CD with weird songs to do with the book. I didn't know weather I would like it or anything so I wasn't expecting anything amazing. The cover is very creative and inviting which made me want to read this book before any other book.. and so I could say I read a book for free.

I haven't heard of Rich Shapero before so I don't know if he is good... and the overall rating of book was quite low on Goodreads... but it wasn't that bad at all. It is a very easy and quick read though it took me a few days because of college. The writing is thick and it's more of a childlike book. The creativity and imagination in this book is so incredible that I just loved it so much. I felt that some parts are just so unreal..the main characters are 6 year old's and yet what they do on their own is well weird. The POV is mostly on Robbie but told ass the narrator kind of thing.

The two main characters is Robbie and Fristeen. Robbie is a good and over imaginative boy who likes to explore though his mum tries to stop him.. and his dad wants to support them. Its hard for Robbie because his mum and dad is fighting a lot. So all he wants to do is explore the forest in which he discovers many things. Fristeen is the main little girl and she also has a great imagination and explores the forest with Robbie. They find many brilliant things in the forest but I won't go in detail because I don't like spoiling things.

My overall opinion on this book is I loved some parts and if you like creative and imaginative books then this is perfect for you.


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