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Review of Tegan's Return (The Ultimate Power Series, #2) by L.H. Cosway

Tegan's Return (The Ultimate Power Series, #2)
Tegan always knew that she couldn’t remain hidden forever, she left Tribane to escape the danger posed to her by the supernatural creatures who dwell there, but every day she has mourned the friends and family she had to leave behind. It’s been two years, but Tegan struggles on with the new lonely life she has built for herself. She might crave human companionship, but at least she’s still alive.
Unfortunately, all of her hard work in running away comes crashing down around her when a familiar face comes strolling into her new place of work one night. She considers leaving and starting over again, but this old acquaintance has a proposition for her, one that will see her returning to Tribane and fighting to rescue a little girl who has been kidnapped.
Tegan feels for the child, but her heart is also swelling at the idea of going home to see the people she has missed the most. Can she kill two birds with one stone? Finally she decides that she will return, but what she finds on her arrival is that her father has gone missing, not to mention there has been an almighty war between the two opposing sides of the city.
Throw into this her mixed emotions at seeing beautiful Ethan again, and there is a whole lot of confusion going on. Tegan finds herself playing the role of a spy, as she tries to find information as to the whereabouts of her father and the girl. Even though she is supposed to be pretending, she can’t help that she is falling for Ethan all over again, and if he discovers her true intentions for coming back then he might just hate her forever.

My Thoughts 
This review should of been done ages ago as I read this for the author, so I'm sorry L.H. Cosway for the long wait of my short review.
When she asked me to read and review her second book in this series I was excited that I dropped everything I was currently reading and read this within a day or so. The cover is different from the first one, but I love it :D. The title of the book tells me stuff even before reading the description.. and once I read the description I just was so hyped up about reading it.

This book is amazing, I am so glad I read it.. it has everything I needed in the book, when Tegan's Blood finished I was kinda continuing it in my head thinking what will happen next, and I never pictured what happened to happen apart from her returning of course :) The writing style is perfect and it was an easy read with no complicated words which I don't know nothing about :P

Tegan is once again the main character in this book, she's still my Favourite and throughout the book she dangers herself but always manages to get through it. I like her attitude towards stuff and her new hair is AWESOME! :D
Ethan is once again in this book, his cocky, I'm the best kinda attitude still lingering there, but he has a had a terrible few months without Tegan so that just shows how much he cares about her. I do like him, but sometimes he thinks wrongly and does the wrong thing.. he needs to think not only about him but other's around him.
There is other characters which was in last book and I think there was new ones, but no matter it MADE this book AMAZING :D

My overall opinion of this book is, well... to be honest I think you already know what my rating and how I felt towards this book.. but I will still say it anyway :) AMAZING!!!!
I would recommend this book to people who have read Tegan's Blood and her other book A Strange Fire and also if you love YA :D 


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