Saturday, 5 February 2011

Review of The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3) by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3)

This book was brilliant and truly amazing. The best book in this year and i know its only February but whatever.

This starts straight after the last book, Meghan and Ash are exiled and they go to Meghans house, it has been a whole year since Meghans family have seen her, so she is scared to what could happen when she turns up, not having aged much because the faerie realms time is different. She does not end up seeing her family because she is attacked by some iron Fey's, and Ash and herself fight them off, from there they have to hide out until they think of a plan on which to stop the false iron king.

After this Puck turns up again to stop some Iron fey taking Meghan into safety, Glitch is in charge of this group. Grim then turns up being that Cait Sith witch appears and disappears when he wants, he takes Puck, Ask and Meghan to a safe place.

In this book it is all down to Meghan, and she grows throughout the book which helps her do what she does at the end. Not only does Meghan grow and show a side which has not been shown, Ash does as well, he speaks more of his past and lets his love shown to Meghan and does whatever he can to protect him.
Puck also shows his true and caring way instead of the funny side even though he does at some points made me laugh, even though Meghan chose Ash over him, he still cares for her. I never really liked glitch at the start but eventually i started to like him.

In the end, Puck, Ash , a fey called Razor , Glitch and Meghan play a big part in it. Meghan faces the false iron king, which you will be shocked to see who it is.

In this book there is romance, adventure, hurting and it is emotional, it made me cry in parts, and the ending was unexpectible.
And that is all i am going to say! :)


Rating: *****

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