Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Review of Fever (Dark touch,#3) by Amy Meredith

Fever (Dark Touch, #3)Wow, I have to thank Amy Meredith again for this great book, I loved it, and the 2 before this.

Brief description: 
In this book, Eve, Jess and Luke or still in this book and let me say they are the demon hunter's still,  a vicious tropical disease is being spread through Deepdene and they think its just a flu or something but they realise its a demon called Many faces/Amunnic when teenagers start to disappear.

Eve being the Deepdene witch when a demon turns up it is up to her to destroy it. But at the beginning she just wants to enjoy the heat with her best mate Jess. Eve's character is strong, bold, brave and also a shopoholic.
Jess feels as if she need to learn something to help put the 3 of them, because she feels that she is the only one who can't do anything, Luke has the sword, and Eve is a witch, but Jess is brave as well and what would we do without her.
Luke is the hot guy who just can't admit his feelings to Eve what annoyed me. He has the sword to help but is not much use for what happens with the demon. Luke is also brave and an amazing character and without him the book would not be the book.
Many Faces/Amunnic is the demon they face witch could be anybody in Deepdene so the chances is Eve,Jess and Luke have all been near him at times.

Everything what happened in Deepdene is linked to what happened in the prologue. So make sure you read the Prologue and i know when i was young i missed them out thinking they are pointless.

Eve and Luke both like each other allot and you could tell this from the very moment they laid eyes on each other but they both think its just friendship and all through all 3 books I was saying just kiss, be with each other.

Overall i loved this book and recommend you read it if you have read the first 2. There is a 4th one called Betrayal coming out and i just can't wait. 


Rating: *****


  1. Cool! I sadly haven't started this series yet...

  2. You really should , when you get the chance! its a really good one, and its not complicated.


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