Thursday, 27 January 2011

Review of Lies (Gone#3) by Michael Grant

I am so happy that i read this book, it was tenser than Hunger, and i was scared at some parts of the story.
The storyline is brilliant and left me gasping at some parts of the book, the main charcters in this book in my opinion is Sam, Astrid, Mother Mary, Orssay and also Little pete who is the most powerfull by far.

In this book Sam and Astrid start to drift of and are hardly togther, they fight , move out. Astrid Can not admit when she is wrong are she can not control somthing. Sam is some what self centred. but you can not really blame him, because everyone put pressure on him, on the first book, Gone.
This book continues a few months after Hunger, we all persume The darkness is dead, drake is dead, and maybe caine will leave everyone alone. The character Brittney is in this book, but its not all it seems.

Little pete always plays a main role, beacause he caused the FAYZ, but does he have the power to end it?

This involves, suicide, betrayel, hurt and also FIRE!! oh and if you imagine Sam as hot as you can, you can say the book involves cuteness, hotness!!

The next book is PLAGUE and i my opinion , it started in this book!! I recomend everyone to give Gone, Hunger and Lies a try!!


Rating: *****

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