Saturday, 29 January 2011

Review of The lake of souls (Cirque Du Freak #10) - Darren Shan

The Lake of Souls (The Saga of Darren Shan, #10)This book was amazing, it was mainly for the little person Harkat but of course Darren was in it!!

It starts with the prologue which is a bit of what is to come in the book, but Chapter 1 continues straight after the 9th one.

In this book Darren breaks apart and is so upset after the death of Mr crepsley(cry), he stays alone but eventually someone talks some sense into him , and he realises he needs to try and put it in the back of his mind and concentrate on the tasks in hand.

The task is to go to vampire mountain with Debbie and the Police officer from the last one, but Darren changes his mind and goes with Harkat to find the Lake of souls.

Harkat has to find the lake of souls because he is having bad nightmares and he could die if he does not find what he was before.

Where they go is a surprise but it shocked me so badly.

There is shocking revelations, scary parts and quite disturbing parts for me.


Rating: *****

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