Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog button!

It has took me a while to write this, but then, it took me a while to create my blog button!
I want to thank everyone who has helped me create it, and i would like to return the favour, but my designing skills are rubbish, unless you want a montage of your favourite books.
So all you have to do, is design your blog button on paint, e.g, you have the background pink and writing purple or an image of something with writing on top. Make sure it is suitable size, and not too big, like mine, ooops!
After that all you have to do is, then , send it to my email address , and link to your blog, and then i will do the code/link for you, and i will then put it on my blog, for you to copy onto your blog , and once that is done, i will remove it off my blog, unless you want me to keep it there for you to get more followers!

Also visit my goodreads group on facebook called basically books!

Thank you so much for reading this!!

Please comment if you need too!

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