Thursday, 24 March 2011

Review of Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors #1) by Susan Beth Pfeffer


Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors, #1)
Miranda’s disbelief turns to fear in a split second when a meteor knocks the moon closer to the earth. How should her family prepare for the future when worldwide tsunamis wipe out the coasts, earthquakes rock the continents, and volcanic ash blocks out the sun? As summer turns to Arctic winter, Miranda, her two brothers, and their mother retreat to the unexpected safe haven of their sunroom, where they subsist on stockpiled food and limited water in the warmth of a wood-burning stove.

There is a few characters but the main character i fell in love with, which is weird to say, because she is a girl, but the way she handled things, and even though she was not the strongest, she was not the weakest. 
She understands her responsibilities, and when she should stop doing something.
She has already suffered a great loss, before hand, and when this happens, she has to suffer more, but because of the situation, she does not really have time to mourn over the people who dies, she has to stay together, for her mother and her two brothers, and if that is not bad enough, she is worried about her dad, and his wife, and their child. 
I don't know how she manages to cope, but she does, so i feel her Character is the best i have seen , in a book like this.

My thoughts:
Basically i have allot of thoughts but i am struggling with the words to put down here, this book, was amazing, and i just wanted to finish it!
I loved how it was a diary and it covered a whole day, and ended with her birthday, showing that they survived that long, why not survive for longer,
This is one of the best Disaster books i have read ever!!
Please read this, if you love Disaster movies/books!

Rating: *****

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